Lisk Continues its Forward Momentum with New Developments

Lisk, the platform and sidechain-deployment blockchain, has experienced a dramatic fall in price ever since their successful relaunch event. This can be attributed to nothing else but the current bearish market, as Lisk has been continuously developing.

In the past few weeks, the Lisk team has brought forth several updates and new features, which we’ll highlight in this article. For readers that want to learn about Lisk or refresh their knowledge, we created a four-part series on this highly promising blockchain project.

The Release of Lisk Core 1.0.0 (Beta)

During the highly anticipated and positively-received Lisk event on February 20, 2018, the Lisk leadership announced that an open beta of their core would be finished within 4-6 weeks. There was doubt in the community whether Lisk could deliver on this promise—previous deadlines have been missed and projects delayed—but with the release of the beta version of Lisk Core 1.0.0., the team made good on their promises.

This release is the biggest milestone for Lisk thus far and indicates the continuous efforts made by the team behind the Lisk blockchain. The scale of this project is not to be underestimated and even though it’s still a beta version, it’s a leap forward towards creating the Lisk blockchain ecosystem.

According to the Lisk team, once the core 1.0.0 is through its current beta testing, the full Lisk core 1.0 will include:

  • A completely new design and new API
  • A new P2P transfer layer
  • A new database layer
  • Code migration to es6
  • Full atomic block writes
  • Security fixes and improvements
  • Block processing improvements
  • Improved code standards
  • Addition to 64 byte data field to a type 0 transaction

The release of the Lisk Core, however, will not include the Sidechain Development Kit (SDK) just yet. Lisk’s main selling point is their sidechain deployment. With sidechain functionality, developers will be able to develop their applications on a sidechain linked to Lisk’s core chain, and even be able to copy Lisk’s core chain for the development of dapps.

A major advantage of these sidechains is that they are linked to the core, but don’t affect the main chain. This method ensures the security and stability of Lisk’s main chain and allows for a more scalable ecosystem compared to, for example, Ethereum. Thus far, the team hasn’t given an indication on the release date of their Sidechain Development Kit. Once this kit is released, expect great things to come to the Lisk ecosystem. Projects are already lining up to become part of it.

The team also just released an update of their Lisk Explorer, a tool for observing all activity on the Lisk blockchain.

Lisk for Everyone

During the Lisk relaunch event, the Lisk leadership presented their new vision. This vision entails an approach that concentrates on sustainable growth and mainstream adoption through a focus on user friendliness and educating Lisk users. Lisk aims to have the average user in mind instead of the industry’s focus on experienced, tech-savvy individuals.

Lisk Hub

The Lisk Hub is part of this holistic approach. It is a user-friendly application for everyone to interact with the Lisk network. This application is available in a desktop and web-based version. The Lisk Hub will become the gateway for Lisk network members to the Lisk Core and will be continuously updated. One the Lisk Core 1.0 is fully released, a compatible version of the Lisk Hub will be launched simultaneously.

Lisk Academy


The Lisk Academy is an educational platform where people can learn about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and of course, the Lisk platform. This educational platform has been recently launched and is completely free of charge. It signals the efforts of Lisk’s team to welcome as many people as possible to the blockchain industry.


All of these releases indicate that the Lisk team is working around the clock to create a solid foundation for the upcoming Lisk blockchain ecosystem.

Even though the price of Lisk has fallen ever since their relaunch event, nothing indicates fundamental flaws in the project. Lisk hasn’t created too much of a buzz over the last weeks, but their efforts show a clear focus on creating a qualitative and sustainable platform. The scale of the Lisk project is not to be underestimated.

Lisk’s unique approach of informing and educating the average user could lead to a strong influx of actual users of blockchain technology once the platform is up and running. It will surely be exciting to see what happens once the Sidechain Development Kit is released.

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