Lisk Releases Core 1.0.0 on Public Testnet

Lisk, the project focused on making blockchain development easy for JavaScript developers, has released its testnet network on June 28.

The open-source project has steadily been making incremental changes to its platform and polishing, which has led up to this public release of the testnet. The announcement was first made via the project’s blog on June 2 and details their efforts to polish the beta version of Lisk Core 1.0.0.

The team wants to ensure that even the testnet launch functions smoothly, having tested the network with 500 nodes on the public betanet test. The public testnet was be made available when the block height of 5,594,490 was reached, which occurred on June 28.

Alongside the release, the team will be releasing a comprehensive documentation and migration guide to help users hop onto the testnet and transition from previous iterations.

The documentation and migration guide details the following elements to help developers get started with the platform as quickly as possible:

  • Lisk Protocol: The essence of the platform, includes details on the consensus algorithm, transactions and P2P communication
  • Lisk Core: This implements the Lisk Protocol and enables participation in the network
  • Lisk Elements: A JavaScript library that contains separately-installable modules which focus on a different functionality
  • Lisk Commander: A Command Line Interface that allows for quick development, as opposed to having to build a GUI
  • Lisk Hub: A comprehensive solution to manage a Lisk ID, send messages and tokens, and vote
  • Lisk Explorer: A tool that lets the user search and view the Lisk blockchain

The progress made by Lisk towards the release of the public testnet indicates that they could succeed in their endeavor to open up blockchain technology to developers across the world. The reliability of the main Lisk chain with the ability to build customized applications and chains on top of it is a useful tool that many developers can work with to integrate into their own businesses. JavaScript is a popular language, and it would greatly aid enterprise-level adoption if the project gets matters right.

In addition to the news of the mainnet, the team announced several other accompanying developments and fixes. This continues the team’s momentum from earlier in the year.

They have cleared some issues regarding scripts, and conducted snapshots and synchronizations, using snapshots from version 0.9.16 and loading it directly onto the database. They then connected version 1.0.0 to the database to review the migration process. The team found that it worked perfectly.

They have also resolved backlogs related to the Lisk Core and are preparing for some minor releases which focus on minor bug fixes, as well as code and performance improvements.

The Lisk Testnet Explorer can be viewed here.

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  • Brian Hale
    Posted June 29, 2018 12:38 am 0Likes

    Will there be airdrops from side chains ? If so how will we receive them??

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