Understanding Lisk (Part 4): How to Get Started

If you’ve read the previous sections of our “Understanding Lisk” series, you’re probably well aware that Lisk is one of the most promising blockchain platforms out there. If not, you can go back to the beginning here or read our guide, What is Lisk?.

Whether you’re an investor, Javascript developer or just curious, you may be wondering what’s the best way to get started with Lisk. The final piece of Kylefromohios infographic addresses just that.

Like all blockchains, Lisk depends heavily on people outside of its core team. Lisk is a community-focused experience; users don’t just interact with the network, they are directly responsible for whether or not it ultimately succeeds.

Getting Started with Lisk

The best point of entry into the Lisk community is its dedicated forum and/or it’s subreddit. You can register for the Lisk forum here. Trawl through the conversations people are having about Lisk, read some of the most recent proposals and immerse yourself.

It’s also worth the time to familiarize yourself with the technical documentation for developers posted on Lisk.io and read the FAQ section which answers important questions like:

As Lisk is so new, finding good external resources is still something of a challenge. The creator of the above infographic is also the man behind the LearnLisk YouTube series,  another good source of information.

Check out his video on how to join a Lisk pool and start earning LSK.

As Step 4 in the infographic indicates, join Lisk.chat, chime in with questions, and become an active voice in the community.

The final (and perhaps most important) step is to roll up your sleeves, start experimenting and build something. If you’re a developer, ideas may already be percolating. If you want to learn JS, the Khan Academy has free courses.

You can also attend a meetup, like the one just held in Berlin. These events are often live-streamed and can give you the potential to learn about tools, APIs and get platform updates right from the horse’s mouth.

For the technically-inclined, it may also make sense to join Lisk HQ on Gitter.

Investing in Lisk

But perhaps you’re interested in the project from an investment standpoint as opposed to a purely technical one.

If this is you, all of the above advice (save for building applications) still rings true. It’s best to only invest in things that you thoroughly understand and in a way, going through many of the steps outlined here is nothing more than proper due diligence.

For those interested in investing, this is an excellent thread discussing the merits of Lisk investment. Quora also has a healthy conversation going.

In need of more context or fundamentals? There is an extremely engaging episode of the Forbes Unchained Podcast where Chris Burniske (of Placeholder Ventures) is interviewed about how to value a crypto asset. All of these links are great sources of information and can be used as additional sounding boards.


By getting involved in the Lisk community, users can help grow the network and improve the experience for everyone. Developers, investors and common users all have a role to play if Lisk’s incredible potential is to be realized.

You can give Lisk a like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. For the freshest updates, check their official blog on Medium.

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