The Launch of Longhorn Block Explorer and API: A Message from BullPay’s CEO

This month, I’m excited to announce the launch of Longhorn, a multi-crypto blockchain explorer showcasing its blockchain transaction data API, which allows you to build your most valuable process: your interaction with blockchain nodes.

When we first started BullPay, we focused on building the best tool for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. As the competition for altcoins intensified, leading companies responded by widening the support of their cryptocurrencies, creating unique code and processes to manage their blockchain node networks. We knew it was time to build a dedicated API to provide the same value on the storing and interacting side of the blockchain transaction data.

We imagined the world where you had a large database of cryptocurrencies at your fingertips – able to access any transaction information that has ever been made. All of those popular blockchains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Litecoin TestNet, Dash and Dogecoin data (and more coming soon!) are indexed and ready to be integrated. What’s more, you could focus on developing your application, not the hassle of infrastructure, nor the distraction of servers — virtual or otherwise.

And that’s what we aim to build.

The Longhorn API, paired with Longhorn blockchain explorer, is a single source of intelligence — programmatically and graphically — to maintain all your communication with blockchains and their nodes. Unlike other tools that only provide the last n amount of records, Longhorn arms you with the history of the blockchain starting from block 0 to current within a few minutes and allows you to make API calls uniformly for all supported blockchains.

It unlocks the power of blockchain technology by proactively indexing transaction data whenever a new block is mined. You no longer have to start a node from scratch, maintain it and you can rest assured that no data is unavailable. Longhorn allows you to focus on what really matters: building and maintaining the health of your application at scale.

I could not be more thrilled to share this product with the world. BullPay solves a critical piece of the blockchain interaction puzzle and furthers our mission of helping our customers win at developing.

CEO, BullPay