How Does LaborCrypto Solve the 5 Biggest Freelance Drawbacks?

In the last decade, we’ve seen a massive surge in the number of online freelance platforms, or ‘ecosystems’. These platforms empower freelancers from practically any industry to be able to connect with consumers so they can monetize their knowledge and skills.

In fact, the freelance industry, and the ‘gig economy’ that it created, is now so massive that nearly a 3rd of all American workers are freelancers. These freelancers are working their own hours, are their own bosses, usually from their own homes or apartments.

It seems like a dream come true for billions of freelancers around the globe, but that dream can be a nightmare at times.

The Big 5 Financial Stumbling Blocks Common to All Freelance Platforms

While freelancers are certainly happy to be able to apply their knowledge and skills to gigs obtained through the various freelance ecosystems, most will gladly give you an earful about the 5 big financial stumbling blocks those platforms all seem to share.

1. High Service Costs and Fees, which can cost the average freelancer 25% of their potential earnings.

2. Delays with Getting Paid, which can sometimes take up to 2 weeks to settle.

3. Lack of Banking Access, making it difficult for approximately 35% of potential freelancers over  (1 billion people) to access their income.

4. Inflexible User Experiences, which wastes time and effort for both freelancers and consumers.

5. Lack of Loyalty Incentives, which have led to both consumers and freelancers jumping from one platform to another.

As you can see, freelance work might be envisioned as a bed of roses, but in reality, it does have some nasty thorns.  The good news?  LaborCrypto shears those thorns, leaving only the roses behind and empowering freelancers to live the lifestyle they choose without paying too much to do it.

Introducing LaborCrypto, the Peer-to-Peer Freelance Ecosystem that Eliminates the Big 5

Created in part by working freelancers, LaborCrypto solves the Big 5 with a peer-to-peer platform built on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts.  This potent combination addresses and eliminates all 5 problems. LaborCrypto will produce a better, stronger, safer and more profitable freelance economy.

1. LaborCrypto eliminates 97% of costs and fees, charging only a tiny 3% to freelancers and nothing to consumers.

2. Using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, freelancers will have almost immediate access to their funds once a ‘gig’ has been completed. No longer will they be forced to wait days, or even weeks to get paid.

3. With LaborCrypto, the ‘unbanked masses’ (over 1 billion people) will finally be able to access their money on an international level, with reasonable transaction fees and much less stress. Freelancing will truly become a global economy.

4. With the immutable blockchain ledger keeping track of every transaction, consumers and freelancers alike LaborCrypto will create unique experiences faster, with less stress, and 100% transparency.

5. LaborCrypto eliminates loyalty issues in 2 ways.  The 1st  is by sharing 50% of collected ad revenues with active participant relatively to their own work, and 2nd is by allowing freelancers to keep nearly 100% of their earnings.

Conclusion: LaborCrypto is the Disruptor Freelancers have been Waiting For

Here’s a fact; LaborCrypto will be the world’s first global, decentralized freelance platform and ecosystem that connects freelancers to consumers with a very low financial burden.

Indeed, both freelancers and consumers would benefit by being part of the LaborCrypto ecosystem, especially as the value of their LaborCrypto Token climbs.

To become part of this new, revolutionary ecosystem, join in the presale today!

You can contact the LaborCrypto team here:

You can also dive deep into the LaborCrypto data and see how, and why it works here:




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