LaborCrypto to Disrupt the World’s Freelance Space with an Experienced Forward-Thinking Strategy

LaborCrypto is a start-up building a global freelance peer-to-peer ecosystem with a unique approach of sharing revenues with its active users. They’ve brought a vision for people to get more out of their work, both consumers and freelancers.

It’s a decentralized platform that keeps count of all the transactions and maintains as much transparency possible. It’s also a leading platform that will operate using a digital currency both as means of payment and for every blockchain recorded transaction.

LaborCrypto will be disruptive for multiple reasons, but most importantly, it’s user-friendly in a way that’s unlike any other platform.

The Difference

LaborCrypto is different from present freelance sites for one particular reason; an emphasis on the absolute satisfaction of its users, both consumers or freelancers. This emphasis has led the platform to develop five major features that ensure LaborCrypto will upstage existing freelance sites.

The first feature is the Low Service Fee. Most freelance sites charge workers overbearing service fees between 20-30% for every project, in addition to charging the consumer. LaborCrypto service fees are 3%. 

Next feature is the Use of Smart Contracts, which ensure that payments are not held longer than due, essentially immediate. The aggravation and delay of payments in freelance websites today are a major problem. Freelancers get paid weeks after completing projects, but at LaborCrypto, smart contracts make payments immediate, giving freelancers access to the money earned and need.

There is The No-Bank System feature. This feature allows users to conduct transactions using the LaborCrypto coin, and do not need banks, unlike other sites. A lot of freelancers are international students for example, and lack visas and access to banks. This feature eliminates all the problems of being financially excluded.

The next feature is the actual User Experience. In order to get a job done on existing freelance sites, users are required to go through a repetitive and exhausting process of searching the platforms for services they require and freelancers to fulfill them. This is frustrating and very time-consuming. LaborCrypto built a collaborative system, where the users can get a direct referral from previous users or freelancers. Working together is better than alone.

The last but perhaps the most impacting feature addresses User Loyalty. LaborCrypto believes that consumers are entitled to the value they create, so they share 50% of the revenue, including the transaction fees (which are 3%), advertising revenues, as well as any future revenue streams, with active consumers and freelancers alike.

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About LaborCrypto

Founded by Tarik Khribech, LaborCrypto is a solution that was created to solve the identified problems within the existing freelance models. The marketplace operates on a value-driven approach to empower its consumers and freelancers.

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