IOTA Releases the Long-Anticipated Trinity Wallet Mobile Beta

The day has finally arrived. After months of anticipation and delays, IOTA fans can finally get their hands on the Trinity wallet from their mobile devices — and the community is already raving about it.

The Trinity wallet boasts an incredibly user-friendly and intuitive design, plus extra-strong security measures to keep your crypto safe and sound.


In the eloquent words of IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø:

Now even your crack smoking grandmother can enjoy the benefits of zero fees for her purchases.

All joking aside, this is a huge deal for the IOTA Foundation and its community. Since its release on May 29 until the time of writing, IOTA has seen a massive 44% price surge in its MIOTA token.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The Trinity wallet was initially purely a community-driven project, after certain IOTA fans were left disappointed with the design and security of IOTA’s official wallet. The IOTA Foundation took note of the superiority of the Trinity wallet’s features and collaborated with the community to build the official Trinity wallet available today.

This is a great demonstration of the Foundation and the community coming together over the course of months to create, test, iterate and release this amazing piece of software.

– IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø

The wallet has undergone two external reviews to effectively identify any threats or bugs within the wallet, which were then fixed before it went live to the public. Both reports are freely available for review on the Trinity Wallet website.

On top of that, over 400 community alpha testers worked diligently to aid in improving usability and find any bugs or errors within the app. The Trinity wallet clearly was a massive collaborative effort between the IOTA team and the wider community — and it truly has paid off.

Features of the wallet include:

  • Safe seed storage with strong encryption and two-factor authentication
  • Easy access between multiple accounts with a single password
  • Quick transfers and automatic promotion
  • Up-to-date IOTA market values across a wide range of currencies
  • Multiple customizable themes
  • Supports 35 different languages (with more being added in the future)

Members of IOTA’s subreddit community have been buzzing with praise, making comments such as:

Great job to the whole team. Glad you guys took the time to properly develop this and audit it, instead of succumbing to community pressure.

– Izrud


Looking polished af. Well worth the wait.

– FootoftheBeast


The wallet is absolutely beautiful… fantastic job to all involved!

– abekus


Wow I had high expectations as a mobile dev myself, but this is a gorgeous and incredibly well made app. Just sent a couple test transactions after turning on auto-reattach and offloading POW and they both confirmed in under a minute each. Congratulations to the team.

– dylandreid

Want to give this shiny new wallet a spin? Go to the official Trinity wallet website to download the Trinity wallet onto your iPhone or Android now.

Now that the Trinity mobile wallet has been released, we can now expect to see the Trinity desktop wallet to go live any day now. To catch up on what IOTA has been up to so far this year, read our summary of key IOTA happenings in Q1 2018.

What do you think of IOTA’s new Trinity wallet? Let us know in the comments below!

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