IOTA Released Open Source Coordinator On Mainnet – Bullish Sign For Investors?

The Directed Acyclic Graph project IOTA (MIOTA) released its open source coordinator on the mainnet on April 10, a move that has IOTA investors quite optimistic. The move is the final step in allowing individuals and groups to set up their own private networks, test them, and develop Proof-of-Concepts (PoCs) more easily.

The coordinator, under the name “Compass”, was originally released a few months ago. It is a newer version that offers transparency and makes the IOTA network open source, permitting open source contributions.

IOTA described the initiative in their blog post as follows,

The Coordinator is an important part of the IOTA networks, protecting the network from adversarial parties. We believe that using the open source version will improve all the aspects of the networks, while making the way they work more transparent for everyone.

Users can now set up their own private networks.

IOTA Making Moves

IOTA separates itself from other top cryptocurrencies by the fact that it uses not a blockchain, but a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), which the project’s team members believe is ideal for scaling.

The project has joined a number of initiatives in recent times and roped in partners, moves that will add to its exposure and growth. Users have also been posting about their excitement about the IOTA project, as this Twitter user posted,

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