ICOBox Founder Nick Evdokimov Aims to Make His Company the Leader of the Emerging Security Token Market

In 2019, ICOBox will be pursuing two major goals: to shift its trajectory to better meet the demands of the rapidly changing crypto market by offering services related to security tokens, and to revamp its business model.

During this transitional period the project will once again be led by its founder Nick Evdokimov – a prominent serial entrepreneur, blockchain visionary, and expert in launching successful IT startups. With the help of such an experienced top manager the company will be able to regroup and quickly become the leader of the just evolving security token and Security Token Offering markets.

At ICOBox Nick Evdokimov will be in charge of updating the company’s crypto market presence strategy, creating new products, and operational management, including the overhaul of the project’s team to ensure that its combined expertise closely reflects the new market realities.

“We at ICOBox have always endeavored to be in the lead of the crypto industry, tracking all new trends and promptly responding to shifts. Our revised business model involves the restructuring of the team to adapt to the new market needs, and this is why I decided to get back in the driver’s seat,” says ICOBox CEO and founder Nick Evdokimov.

Nick’s return to ICOBox will have no impact on the blockchain visionary’s other ongoing projects: they will continue to run their course to accomplish their business goals and deliver on their obligations to the clients and partners.

Nick Evdokimov established ICOBox in 2017. In just a little over a year it has made a giant leap and became one of the trailblazers in ICO marketing services and the world’s largest provider of services for blockchain companies seeking to sell their products via Initial Coin Offerings.