This Startup is HYGH-Rolling

HYGH – an advertising technology startup – has been winning award after award as they roll out their groundbreaking advertising platform across the globe. Most recently, they won Best ICO Pitch of 2018 at the Blockchain Life Conference in St. Petersburg.

Last weekend, they were awarded the ICO of the Year Award at the Crypto Challenge Forum in London. In Singapore, they took home Best ICO of 2018 and a $100,000 prize at Satoshi United Conference . They win so many best ICOs/STOs, one could be forgiven for thinking they’re in the business of winning awards.

The consensus, however, is clear. This company is going somewhere.

So What Do They Do?

HYGH was created in 2017 with one vision in mind: to democratize advertising and enable brands of any size to connect with their customers of tomorrow, today.

The Swiss-based firm is developing a peer-to-peer advertising network and content management system that connects owners of public displays with brands. Managed through an easy to use app, The HYGH platform empowers everyone to become an advertiser, regardless of budget, resources, or company size.

Aiming HYGH, their mission is to do for out-of-home advertising what AirBnB did for the vacation accommodation.

Airbnb transformed any spare room into a potential revenue source – HYGH can transform any screen into a highly flexible ad space, be it a tablet located at a convenience store checkout, a TV in a small shop window, or a professionally mounted outdoor billboard in Times Square.

The advertising industry had an estimated 37.6 million active digital displays in 2016, set to increase to 87.2 million digital display units by 2021 according to Berg Insights (the dedicated M2M/IoT market research firm).

HYGH is set to augment the efficiency and profitability of this entire marketscape while simultaneously doubling it in size (in excess of 150 million) by turning underutilised digital displays, tablets, smart TVs, etc, into potential advertising hubs.

What’s Next?

The HYGH Security Token Offering (STO) will commence on November 26, preceded by the whitepaper.

For each advertisement booked through the HYGH platform, 83.5% of the revenue is shared with the display owners, 2.5% goes to the HYGH community for content moderation, and 5% will be reinvested into the company’s growth.

The remaining 9% will be distributed quarterly to token holders, creating a unique opportunity for investors to receive a regular income stream while participating in the long-term growth of HYGH.

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