Hydrogen Project Featured on Cover of FinTech50 2018 Yearbook

The Hydrogen project, which provides a blockchain with an emphasis on security and identity, has been featured as the cover story of the FinTech50 2018 yearbook. The FinTech50 2018 list includes prominent blockchain projects such as Ethereum and Everledger.

CEO Michael Kane said of the honor,

Hydrogen believes the fintech revolution has no geographic boundaries. There are amazing fintechs based in NYC, and we are proud that the Fintech 50 decided to spotlight it with the picture of us in the heart of Silicon Alley!

Hydrogen’s mission is to unify legacy systems of established enterprises with the rapidly developing technologies associated with blockchain. By offering ready-to-deploy technological solutions that avoid the need for expensive infrastructure and manpower, Hydrogen assists existing companies and new ones modernize their systems and processes.

Hydrogen currently offers 2 products to enterprises and consumers, free of charge, called Atom and Hydro blockchain. The latter is simply the public ledger that allows companies to integrate blockchain into their workflow, while the former lets companies build a financial decentralized application.

While the Hydro blockchain is free to use, Hydrogen offers custom pricing for small, medium and large enterprises. Developers may use atom to build dapps for free.

Hydrogen is headquartered in Manhattan, and the 20-strong team has won numerous awards for its work, including the at Fintech Breakthrough Awards, Fintech Awards Luxembourg and India Fintech Awards.

Hydrogen has steadily been developing a solid network of partners and interested entities. In August 2018, they unveiled 30 new partners during the month. The team also released the Hydro App last year.

The FinTech50 recognizes the best fintech companies and their innovative ideas, and highlights the achievements in this rapidly emerging sector. The group also hosts FinTech conferences, with Paris and Mumbai both scheduled to host a conference in January and February 2019 respectively.

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