HPB Mainnet Set for Release on September 24

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is a platform that does exactly what their name says — they strive to provide the fastest, most effective blockchain out there, by providing both hardware and software architecture. Their goal is 1 million TPS and a 3-section confirmation time for transactions.

On August 24, HPB posted a statement on their Facebook page announcing the launch of their closed mainnet, in anticipation of the launch of their open mainnet.

The launch of their open mainnet was meant to occur by the end of August, but in the interest of having the quality of their product up to par, they decided to push the launch date back to September 24, 2018.

Why the Delay?

They have listed a few reasons for delaying the launch. Of key importance, they want to make sure the network security meets the security standards, and they want their TPS performance to be consistently high.

First of all, the closed mainnet has been experiencing issues with nodes. Some node holders have experienced incompatibility between servers and networks, and some would prefer not to have to publicly disclose their names.

Certain nodes that operate in different geographic locations from the main server have also been complaining of low bandwidth speeds, due to connectivity issues. To address these concerns, HPB is making improvements to both their security and UI.

Another factor in HPB’s decision to push back their open launch date is a 2-week delay in the distribution of their BOE nodes, due to a hiccup in their supply chain. (There are a few up-and-coming blockchain projects that would have something to say about that.)

Finally, HPB are putting final quality-assurance touches on voting credibility, getting security checks on the mainnet and wallet from independent specialists, and readying the ERC-20-to-HPB mainnet token swap.

Once fully functional, the token swap will be facilitated automatically by the OKEX, Bibox, and the HPB wallet. For users who would prefer to do it manually, they will have to contact the HPB Foundation.

HPB advises token holders who don’t want to participate in voting to wait until after the HPB open mainnet has launched before they do the token swap.

Revised Schedule

Determined to meet their revised launch date, HPB laid out a new schedule as follows:

  • August 23-25: BOE hardware unit distribution via SF Express
  • September 10: HPB wallet launch and manual
  • September 13: Start of token swap and voting functionality
  • September 14: Voting starts on closed mainnet
  • September 20: Voting ends
  • September 24: Mainnet launch

Community Resources and Social Media

HPB is making every effort to be as straightforward with their community as possible during this unforeseen delay. They have provided a breakdown of why the delay is occurring and the step-by-step process they’re taking to get back on track.

They have also provided links to 3 videos, for those who are curious to learn more about their technology and security measures.

The first is a 3-hour recording of the HPB BOE Acceleration Engine Launch Event and Reveal, which has English subtitles and takes an in-depth look at HPB’s technology and ecosystem.

The second is a 3-minute walkthrough of how to unpackage and set up your HPB BOE Hardware Unit.


And the third is a look at the factory production process of the HPB BOE Hardware Unit, for those curious to see its origins.


Overall, HPB are doing everything they can to show their community that they are appreciated, and to be as transparent and reassuring as possible regarding their revised launch schedule.

Stay informed on voting, the mainnet launch, and their roadmap moving forward by following HPB on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram.

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