Hollywood’s New Movie “CRYPTO” Will Be Released in 2019 — What’s The Release Date?

Hollywood will soon release a movie about cryptocurrency, as a recently revealed trailer for a movie starring some notable names shows. 

The film, titled “CRYPTO”, seems to portray cryptocurrencies in a largely negative light, and focuses more on the criminal possibilities with cryptocurrencies — possibilities which are not any less unlikely or impossible with hard cash.

Directed by John Stalberg Jr., the film will be released in theaters across the world on April 12, and stars some well-known names such as Kurt Russell, Beau Knapp and Luke Hemsworth.


Knapp plays a character who works on Wall Street as an anti-money laundering executive who quickly gets caught up in a case involving the Russian mafia using crypto to launder money, and he has to battle to save his father, played by Russell, after the latter is kidnapped.

Crypto investors will likely view the release of the movie as both good and bad as it will undoubtedly bring some attention to crypto — but perhaps not the best kind of attention.

Bitcoin is clearly featured in the movie, and Ethereum and Stellar also make quick appearances.

Mainstream adoption is always around the corner, or at least most investors would like to think.

However, despite the exposure gained in recent times with Chinese state television channels advocating crypto to several hundred million viewers, the larger part of the world’s population is still unaware of cryptocurrencies. For instance, 73% of UK respondents in a recent survey do not know what crypto is.

That said, the film’s portrayal of cryptocurrency is outdated and misguided, and it is unlikely to sit well with anyone who has even a little familiarity with crypto.


  • Pierre
    Posted March 14, 2019 2:00 am 1Likes

    seriously… looks like a boring movie

    • Ben
      Posted March 14, 2019 3:33 am 1Likes

      Seriously ,you sound like a boring person.

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