Gem4Me Market Space, a Global E-Trading Platform, Collected Over $3M and is Gearing Up for Its Public Token Sale

On November 30, Gem4Me Market Space, a global e-trading platform focused on retail goods and services, concluded the public presale of its GEMME Coins (GMC). The public token sale started on December 1 and it will run until April 1, 2019.

So far, the company was able to collect over $3 million, and though these are not the easiest times for the market, the Gem4Me’s founders are certain that they will reach their hard cap of $15 million.

The platform is integrated into a new-generation messenger Gem4me, which is currently being used by 6.7 million people in 60 countries. The team recently launched a beta version of the Market Space, which can be tested by downloading GEM4ME messenger in AppStore or Google Play. The marketplace already has several hundreds registered retailers.

Financial services Back4cash and Richland have also been recently launched, and they give users access to cashback rewards from online purchases and the ability to earn money in the cryptocurrency market.

In Q1 2019, the company plans to put into operation several important services. One of them is the Gemme Ads advertising platform, which combines several unique systems based on self-learning AI technology to select the precise moment and venue for the most effective placement of banner and context advertising.

The other important feature to be launched early next year is the Smart Wallet, which offers a number of high-demand financial services, such as crypto-fiat service to deposit, withdraw or exchange crypto and fiat currencies.

Another service is the Crypto CashBack, which, as the name indicates, will help users get back some of the money spent on buying goods and services. Gem4Me’s Crypto Analytic Trade Signals system will send users notifications from professional traders to buy or sell main cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology and the AI-driven chat bot users will be given a unique e-commerce solution, which works regardless of where in the world they live. Chat bot can help users quickly and easily create and set up their online stores, will ensure excellent service for subscribers and will facilitate trade between people operating in different jurisdictions.

All financial transactions will be conducted in cryptocurrencies, GMC tokens, and in fiat currencies through the use of Smart Wallet, which will be connected to users’ bank cards. This will allow them to make payments in the form that works best for them, which will make the platform even easier and faster to use.

The technical implementation of the solution is being carried out by software developers who worked on such famous and successful projects as Viber and Playtika.

To make the Gem4Me’s plans a reality the founders assembled an excellent and experienced team that includes such famous advisors as serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the International Blockchain Association IDACB Jason Hung, former Aton Capital President and CEO of Morpheus Capital Management Michael Jordan.

The company also enlisted a strategic partner, a Swiss company Frigate Investment Business Service, which provides B2B services such as asset management and investment, and acts as a provider to the Gem4Me’s payment system. The company has offices in Switzerland, Singapore and Luxemburg.

The platform will be powered by Gemme Coins (GMC). Their holders will gain exclusive access to all of the offered services, including ad placements, rewards and establishing online businesses. A minimum entry is 10 GMC sold at $0.10 per piece.

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