Gem4Me Market Space Joins the Blockchain Ecosphere as the Company Launches Its ICO Presale

Gem4Me, the popular messenger app, is now poised to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem with their new Market Space platform. The company is getting ready to launch its ICO with its presale on September 1, giving crypto enthusiasts the first opportunity to buy tokens for the innovative app.

Gem4Me Market Space will be a global e-commerce trading platform aimed at the world of retail goods and services, including concert and tour ticket sales and even horoscope readings. It will offer integrated cryptofinance services constructed on the foundation of their Gem4Me mobile messenger app. Their messenger app was initially developed by Synesis, the same team that created Viber.

Promoted as “the people’s messenger app,” it allows users to access their contacts, have individual or public chats, send pictures, use voice calling and much more. It’s no wonder they have an army of fans more than 5 million strong across 50 countries. The Gem4Me Market Space team believe that their users will be enthusiastic first adopters of the latest platform built on blockchain technology, which means the new product will likely enjoy immediate success with the millions of users already familiar with the Gem4Me ecosystem.

The company aims to make it easier for everyone to shop, trade, and build businesses that can successfully function across borders. Their new technology integrates AI chatbot capability and blockchain transparency to deliver a unique e-commerce solution. For instance, their chatbot technology can help users build e-stores quickly and easily by guiding merchants through the process of populating the platform.

The company’s CEO and Co-Founder, Valery Ostrikov, says that, given Gem4Me’s proven past success, his team is ready to deliver a truly innovative product for the sector—one which solves many of the problems that e-markets face regarding transparency and safe transactions.

Our fans are driving our success. Our developers have deep experience in team-based technologies, and we have attracted a solid base of co-investors who believe in what we do. They are helping us develop, test, and promote Gem4me worldwide. We are already miles ahead of other typical startups who don’t have the extensive experience our team does in deploying new apps into the marketplace.

— CEO and Co-Founder, Valery Ostrikov

Indeed, the company has already attracted the Frigate Investment Business Service as a strategic partner. Frigate, which is an international company with offices in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Latvia, and Singapore, provides a number of services to the business sector, including asset management, investment advice, and record keeping services.

Gem4Me Market Space has also assembled an impressive group of advisors that includes Jason Hung, an ICOBench top expert; Michael Jordan, a top principal with Morpheus Capital Management; and Nikolay Shkilev, another top 5 ICOBench expert, among other major players in the ICO world.

Gem4Me Market Space will be a global trading platform that will assist e-commerce vendors of any size to quickly and easily set up their online stores with built-in chatbot capability, so that users can provide superb customer service to their patrons anywhere in the world. The app facilitates trade between various jurisdictions and will also allow users to find goods or services from an infinite number of e-stores, look for local restaurants and book tickets or reservations, all with the opportunity to receive cashback-type rewards for using the platform.

The app also features a Smart Wallet, which allows users to transact quickly, easily, and safely. It will function as a multi-purpose tool that not only stores funds, but also allows users to exchange and manage financial assets stored in both fiat and cryptocurrencies, provides I.D. verification services, enables merchants to offer loyalty cards, and even offers a simple credit rating system.

The project is driven by its utility token known as the GEMME Coin (GMC). Coin purchasers will gain exclusive access to all the services provided by the platform, including placing ads, receiving rewards, and the ability to set up an online business with the potential to reach an international market.

The company’s public presale will begin on September 1, 2018, and will require a minimum purchase of 1,000 GMC at USD $0.10 per token. The presale will continue until October 14. The public sale will begin on October 15, completing on November 20, 2018.

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