FRIEND – The Internet OS

Friend Software Corporation is a Norwegian company founded in 2014 which over the last few years has developed Friend – the world’s first open-source decentralized Internet OS that is device and platform-neutral.

Currently, Friend is available in version 1.2 in commercial as well as open-source license. Friend is today used to provide various IT upgrading services to a wide variety of businesses and industries.

Since the start, Friend also has had the vision and understanding of how to utilize the immense potential of blockchain and decentralized computing in order to create an autonomous version of Friend. The Friend Network ICO, combined with the Friend Store marketplace, brings to the masses a means to simplify the increasingly complicated paradigm brought about by the greed of a handful of businesses intent on confining and restricting user activity in the name of profit.

There are many reasons why the world is not just ready, but desperate for change. Using computers today is complicated and becoming increasingly so. Many find it hard to understand the daunting complexity of the internet, and cannot even contemplate learning about decentralization and blockchain.

Over the last few decades, hardware, software and the Internet have all been upgraded, expanded, “improved” and exploited. The problem which has manifested from this is that each element has moved forward – but in different directions, creating not only an incredibly difficult environment to navigate through, but also exposing immense vulnerability. This has allowed smart opportunists to voraciously develop their own “silos” from which, once ensnared, there is little chance to break out.

The Friend Internet OS is arriving just at the right time. For those seeking to have the best usage for their devices, Friend OS is the perfect solution. The following five reasons explain why.


Friend Software Corporation has over the last 4 years adopted the very best of the new technologies, and has created a custom-built platform that not only embraces all of these new technologies but actually unifies them in such a way they communicate with each other and collectively adds benefit to each other.

Friend Internet OS works on any platform, anywhere in the world and on any device.

Both the OS and the platform have the best functionality features that make computer usage fun again. To begin with, it is open source. This means it is free to use, and the ownership and power to shape it belong to the community. Developers have the freedom and are encouraged to build their own apps on the platform using the Ethereum blockchain.

The Friend Platform functions over a network (it is multi-kernel) offering a simple developer/ end-user environment now and into the future. Users deploy the functions using either Android or Chrome or IOS power, friends can get access in seconds, and you can access the web easily and conveniently anywhere.

The Friend platform is also decentralized. This simply means that no powerful single entity can claim the user is within their paradigm, and therefore justify imposing a fee. The user is in complete control, to enjoy the feeling you can only experience with FREEDOM. You don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder for prying eyes.

Friend enables any simple device with a screen and browser to perform every task. Now irrespective of which hardware you own, you have complete freedom of choice as to which browser or OS or search engine etc, you wish to use with the OS.

Friend integration, many computers, and internet-related functionalities are simplified. This means you don’t have to struggle with understanding what to do and how to do it. Apart from enabling users to have the intelligence for personal growth, It offers functionality that makes things even better.

Powerful Partners

Friend has partnered with companies including, Golem, and Huawei — all giants in the technology field and companies who recognize the benefit of collaboration.

A Clear Roadmap

A company creates much more trust among users if it has a promising future. Reading the Friend white paper, it is clear they have great vision and plan to stay in the market for a long time.

Once the platform has been developed and becomes fully decentralized, many of their forward-thinking ideas will become reality. They also have plans to implement functionalities that allow organizations to distribute virtual cloud comps with ease. This will benefit large organizations such as universities and government departments.

The Token

The user has the ability and freedom to access the decentralized Friend Network. They can do so easily by using apps and services through new or existing models. And there is no intermediary in all of these. The token brings on board a new trading model online.

Strong Foundation

PressFriend is built on powerful pillars. These are integration, empowerment, freedom, intelligence, and privacy. This is everything that every internet user dreams of.

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