French Giant Carrefour Registers Sales Boost Amid Blockchain Integration

Carrefour, a French retail chain, has experienced an increase in sales following the implementation of a blockchain-based tracking system built in collaboration with IBM by joining IBM’s blockchain-based food tracking network, Food Trust.

As reported by Reuters on June 3, Carrefour’s blockchain tracking system brings transparency to the origin of food products by enabling customers to track the supply chain of 20 items, including meat, milk, and fruit, from farm to store

The system enables consumers to maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding genetically modified products and products with antibiotics and pesticides. Since Carrefour’s blockchain-based tracking system proved a success, the retail giant plans to add 100 more products, including non-food items this year.

Blockchain Enables Healthy Consumers

With Carrefour’s increase in sales, it’s clear that consumers care about where their food is sourced, and blockchain technology enables them to verify its origin. As stated by Emmanuel Delerm, Carrefour’s blockchain project manager:

“The pomelo sold faster than the year before due to blockchain. We had a positive impact on the chicken versus the non-blockchain chicken. Millennials are buying less but buying better products for their health, for the planet.”

Adding to this, Delerm revealed that their blockchain tracking system was most widely used in China, followed by Italy and France.

Other supermarket chains and retail giants on board with IBM’s blockchain-based food tracking network include Nestle SA, Dole Food Co., McCormick and Co., McLane Co., Tyson Foods Inc., Unilever NV, among others.

All in all, a clear trend is being established with blockchain technology innovating the supply chain industry.

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