Ford Visits IOTA Labs, Potential Partnership On The Horizon?

IOTA, which is a part of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), has had fellow member of MOBI, Ford, visit its IOTA Industrial Lab Aachen (IILA) to reportedly discuss a proof-of-concept that IOTA had developed. Representatives from Ford Germany visited the office on May 7.

The IILA, according to a post on its blog, is “a community driven laboratory which offers students, lecturers, industry representatives and enthusiasts research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Economy, Machine-to-Machine communication, Distributed-Ledger-Technologies (mainly IOTA), and the Industrial Internet of Things.”

IOTA has seen a lot of progress in the automobile industry, which its technology is ideally suited for. Recently, the project announced that, in a collaborative effort, Jaguar would create a smart wallet that would reward users for sharing data. It is also expected to launch the “Digital CarPass” in the first half of 2019, in partnership with Volkswagen.

The VeChain has also made progress in the automobile industry, having partnered with BMW. The two parties recently unveiled the VerifyCar app – a digital vehicle passport – at the VeChain Summit in San Francisco.

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