First Video Preview Of Vechain’s Product Tracking App Is Truly Amazing

A Reddit user has posted a video that shows a successful supply chain blockchain implementation using the VeChainThor blockchain. The user, 888TripleEight888, had a milk product that was tracked on the blockchain delivered to his house.

The user proceeds to scan the barcode on the bottle using the app, which shows a lot of data on the phone regarding the product, including authenticity and the path that the product took to reach the household. The app shows that it had been scanned over 4,700 times.

Other information includes product information, the temperatures of the product over time, and who has checked the product, among other things.

Chinese food giant Bright Food recently announced that it had built a blockchain solution called BrightCode for tracking a dairy product. The solution allows customers to view real-time information on the product, and information such as the source and environment in which it was produced.

VeChain itself has made some excellent progress in establishing itself in various industries, including food and beverages, retail, luxury goods and more. It has also worked with entities within China and is one the top 10 companies across the world with the most blockchain patents.

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