eBay Hints At Accepting Crypto For Its 179M Customers

It appears that e-commerce platform eBay may soon accept cryptocurrencies as payment, after images taken by users, from the Consensus 2019 conference in New York, show that an advertisement in which eBay explicitly mentions cryptocurrency,

The advertisement boasts that crypto could reach its 179 million users, a development that would greatly increase exposure and growth for the crypto market.

Several theories have been posited about how exactly eBay would implement cryptocurrencies into platform. One prominent theory is that eBay is partnering with a payments platform to accept payments in crypto, following which merchants would be paid after a fiat conversion.

No confirmation has been made, however.

Several major e-commerce platforms have hinted at the introduction of cryptocurrencies. Rakuten, the Japanese equivalent of Amazon, which operates in over 29 countries, seems to be taking the steps to accept crypto payments on its platform, and the Rakuten bank allows its millions of customers to buy crypto. There is even a growing possibility that Amazon may accept crypto payments.

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