Dragonchain Celebrates First Anniversary, Launches 7 New Products

Dragonchain is something of a dark horse in the crypto-verse.

It doesn’t have a lot of hype, despite belonging to one of the biggest brands in the world (Disney), and it tends to fly under the radar. Its self-proclaimed mission is to provide a solid, robust ecosystem of blockchain products, to further mass adoption of blockchain technology. But then again, most blockchain projects strive to achieve the same.

Dragonchain’s hybrid public and private architecture, aimed at bringing blockchain to the business niche, is their main distinguishing feature. However, despite their small but loyal community, Dragonchain is not a platform you tend to hear a lot of buzz about, unless you’re specifically searching for it.

However, in recent months, Dragonchain has been quietly plugging away at developments and hitting milestones. On August 1, they released version 1.0 of their Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform. This was a pretty big achievement, so the rest of the summer was rather quiet in terms of developments and announcements.

Still, Dragonchain had a few surprises up their sleeves.

First Anniversary Community Contest

On August 23, Dragonchain celebrated their very first anniversary.

Understandably, this was a very exciting milestone for the team, and to express their gratitude to the community, they decided to hold a contest. Entrants sent in 30-second videos of themselves talking about why they chose Dragonchain as their preferred blockchain platform, and what they’re most excited for in the future.

The contest closed on August 31, and many prizes were awarded. 30 winners received early access to freely spin up Level 2 and 3 nodes on DragonNet. The grand prize winner got the lavish reward of a free trip to Dragonchain HQ to meet the team and participate in the Blockchain Conference Seattle on September 10-11. On top of that, they also received a Level-3 Node.

Not only has Dragonchain shown they have a playful side, they have recognized that a blockchain platform is only as strong as its community. They officially thanked everyone who participated in a tweet.

Launch of 7 New Dragonchain Products

On September 10, at Blockchain Conference Seattle 2018, Dragonchain stepped into the limelight by launching 7 new products. This is fantastic news, as Dragonchain now has proof of working products that will provide much-needed solutions to businesses and enterprises.


Takara, which launched in alpha at the conference, offers direct marketplace smart contracts to help enterprise customers bypass the volatility and complex nature of buying cryptocurrencies.

Takara allows users to purchase their crypto directly from token holders, using Tokenized Micro Licenses (Dragons). The use of Dragons, whose value will increase along with demand, will act as a buffer against fluctuations of secondary markets.


Launched in alpha at the Seattle conference, DragonNet will facilitate onboarding processes for businesses, allowing them to use blockchain-based transaction verifications.


Launched in beta at the conference, DragonDen is Dragonchain’s answer to the recent scourge of fake news and shady data harvesting practices we’ve seen from traditional social media sites.

DragonDen will be decentralized and fuelled by cryptocurrency to incentivize accurate content and ethical behavior by platform users.


Still in its final development stages, DragonFactor will officially launch in Q4 2018, and it will take on the authentication and data spheres.

When functional, it will provide users with decentralized authentication that is fully GDPR-compliant. It also allows them to retain full autonomy of their own data, which is becoming more and more crucial as the Internet of Things takes a foothold in our daily lives.


With its beta release due to take place in Q4 2018, Dragonchain’s Marketplace product will provide a space for experts and consultants in various fields to offer their services to those who need it. And, likewise, customers in need of an advisor will have a database at their fingertips.


With its alpha release due in Q1 2019, Dragonscale is a product that will serve as an incubator for high-potential blockchain projects. Similar to the Marketplace product, it will connect projects with investors, service providers, and more to help nurture them to the point that they can make it out in the world unaided.


DDSS is due to have its alpha release in Q2 2019, making it the least mature of the 7 products announced at the Seattle conference. Short for “Dragon Days of Slumber Score,” DDSS is a time-tracking system devised to prevent consolidation of influence from token holders who have held a large amount of tokens for a long amount of time.

Although this product is still at least half a year away from releases, DDSS is in many ways the most intriguing of Dragonchain’s upcoming launches. Once it’s up and running, it will act as a safeguard of the platform’s democratization, proving that when it comes to the spirit of decentralization, Dragonchain is willing to put their money where their mouth is.

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