Cudo Miner: A New Profitable Mining Platform for Both Novices and Professionals

Cudo, a cryptocurrency mining startup, is excited to announce the open-beta launch of its crypto mining platform, known as Cudo Miner. Cudo Miner is an GUI miner with in-built multi-algo switching technology which enables miners to make profits mining cryptocurrency regardless of their level of proficiency.

Crypto Mining Still Has Room for Growth

The crypto mining world has been suffering a crisis of confidence over the past few months. However, in the first nine months of 2018, Bitcoin miners alone generated $4.7 billion in revenue.

This shows there is still a lot to play for in the crypto mining space.

Matt Hawkins, the CEO of Cudo, has this to say:

GPU mining is definitely alive and kicking, but some of the strategies being adopted by some professional miners are diminishing their chances of making a decent profit. Altcoins are often the most profitable but only for a few minutes or hours, so you need to mine during this period to maximise gain.

He further stated:

The emphasis needs to move away from focusing on a single coin or algorithm in favor of chopping and changing between an array of cryptocurrencies as well as choosing optimal settings – elevating their chances of making it worthwhile. This is why we have created Cudo Miner.

The company founders, Matt Hawkins and Duncan Cook, were motivated to find an accessible mining solution when they discovered the huge amounts of computing power on laptops, PCs and servers that remains untapped because the hardwares often lie idle 60% of the time.

Based on this discovery, they sought to develop a solution that stops resources from being underutilized, while (at the same time) maximising profitability from mining (by removing the barriers to entry).

Crypto Mining With Cudo

It has been 2 months since its closed-beta launch and Cudo Miner has attracted thousands of users in more than 130 countries.

The Cudo mining platform has a major distinctive factor over other mining platforms. It provides a smart layer within the mining software which ensures that the most profitable coin is mined based on the user’s hardware and market fluctuations.

Cudo Miner helps to bridge the gap between traditional command line miners and GUI miners by having an advanced settings page to preset optimizations on both, per algorithm and per GPU.

This makes it possible for rig miners to select an “auto” mode at their own discretion, knowing that Cudo Miner will adjust the preset configuration based on the most profitable coin to mine without a drop in mining performance.

In other words, the mining platform mines the most profitable coin per time for any user that chooses that option.

Between December 28, 2018 and January 3, 2019 testing was conducted to compare Cudo Miner to its competitors on the market. The results showed that Cudo Miner made more than twice the profits recorded by other mining platforms.

Key Features of Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner has features that makes it an attractive mining platform. It has a friendly user interface that appeals to miners regardless of their proficiency levels. The entire set-up for miners is automated to be suitable for both experts and novices.

Expert miners with dedicated mining rigs can maximize their earnings by making changes in algorithms on the “advanced settings” page. Also, they can see the results of their benchmark on the page. This is usually a time consuming task on mining platforms which Cudo Miner has made easier.

Cudo Miner contains built-in GPU overclocking features which make it possible to control GPU usage to suit the needs of the miner at any point in time.

The settings where GPU usage can be controlled is shown below:

Third party-miners can be enabled to increase mining performance. Examples of this include Z-enemy for Ravencoin and EWBF for Bitcoin Gold. Cudo Miner is committed to adding such new miners regularly.

Cudo Miner supports multiple coins. It is possible for a miner to switch from one coin to another depending on profitability.

Miners can choose to get paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Other coins will be added in the future.

Cudo Miner has a powerful web console. Through it, miners have access to data that shows their mining performance, earnings history, hardware information, power levels, and the healthy state of their devices.

Idle mining is possible on Cudo Miner. This means casual miners can allow Cudo Miner operate in the background while they use their computers. The mining does not interfere with the computer’s performance.

Cudo Donate

The Cudo founders have also established a charitable arm called Cudo Donate, where miners can convert their spare computing power into cash for good causes.

This project has the goal of raising $1 billion in funding and computing resources for charities in the coming years.

As Hawkins put it:

This for us isn’t just about making money – we want Cudo and our mining platforms to become a force for good. Part of the Cudo vision is to build towards a distributed computing model, which has the potential to help a number of good causes, including cancer research, protein folding and seismic imaging.

To learn more about Cudo Miner and get started with it, visit the Cudo Miner website.

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    i downloaded the software but its not working for me
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