10 Cryptocurrency Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Cryptocurrency is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of world. Trying to keep up with the latest events is tough in its own right, but if you actually want to research before you invest, you pretty much need to stop time for a few days just to catch up.

That’s where the expert crypto community comes into play. Below we’ve compiled a list of some the top cryptocurrency accounts on Twitter. Each one offers a mix of insights and investing advice you can use to keep up on current events or help you make your pick for the most promising cryptocurrencies this year.

Follow these 10 cryptotcurrency Twitter accounts for annotated market charts, opinions on news pieces, and maybe, just maybe, a couple of funny quips about the state of the industry.

1. VentureCoinist

Blockchain startup advisor and investor Luke Martin keeps an active feed on VentureCoinist, a Twitter account linked to his Venture Coinist trading group. Martin covers equal parts news and generalized advice with a consistently level head. If you’re having trouble fighting ICO hype or need encouragement to hodl when charts are looking rough, VentureCoinist can nudge you back on track.

Follow VentureCoinist on Twitter.

2. CryptoHustle

CryptoHustle is a full-time crypto trader well-versed in the lighter side of the industry. A lot of cryptocurrency traders on Twitter spit out charts and in-depth analyses on the latest ICOs paired with their predictions. That’s definitely useful, but sometimes you have to settle into the ridiculousness that is the world of blockchain. CryptoHustle is a great person to follow for equal parts information and tongue-in-cheek commentary.

Follow CryptoHustle on Twitter.

3. Crypto de’ Medici

What if the wealthy Italian banking family worked with cryptocurrencies instead of gold? Maybe they’d have an account like Crypto de’ Medici. The sassy yet practical account mostly sticks to investing advice delivered in short, punchy bursts. Occasionally you’ll get a grand piece of knowledge delivered in a longer format, which is also good. Come for the pre-Renaissance snark, stay for the hardened perspective on crypto investing.

Follow cryptodemedici on Twitter.

4. Bitcoin Benny

Candid perspectives and solid advice – that’s how Bitcoin Benny does things. The crypto trader keeps an active commentary profile on Twitter while posting news, reviews, and opinion videos on his website. Benny has a fantastic no-nonsense style that delivers good information without burying you in the details.

Follow bennydoda01 on Twitter.

5. Dmitriysz

Dmitriy of Bitcoin Masons hands out crystal clear advice on his Twitter account with a minimal amount of fuss. His main feature is a wealth of candlestick charts paired with commentary and annotation. If you’ve ever wondered what some of these dips and slides mean in practice, now’s your chance to learn in real-time. Dmitriysz is best for beginner crypto investors, but still useful for everyone with blockchain in their blood.

Follow Dmitriysz on Twitter.

6. ZeusZissou

There’s so much going on in the cryptocurrency world, it’s important to keep a level head. That means riding the market’s highs, facepalming during the lows, and laughing at the weirdness of it all in between. Cryptocurrency connoisseur, day trader, and analyst The Life Cryptographic with Zeus Zissou has a handle on all of that. Follow for market insights, technical analysis, educational links, and the occasional rant about BCH.

Follow ZeusZissou on Twitter.

7. CryptoTutor

Cryptocurrency analyst and economist CryptoTutor is probably one of the most level-headed traders on social media. The long-term altcoin hunter shares a great balance of charts, airdrops, and commentary on coins and events, with the occasional short and punchy post when things get intense.

Follow CryptoTutor on Twitter.

8. IOHK_Charles

Charles Hoskinson keeps an active and balanced presence on Twitter. He’s CEO of IOHK, a company that builds cryptocurrencies and blockchains for academic institutions, government entities, and corporations with an eye towards cascading disruption (i.e. financial order and transparency).

He founded Cardano and even used to be Ethereum’s CEO. Hoskinson knows the industry from both an investment and a development point of view and shares a lot of insights about the industry. Great for expanding your knowledge about the blockchain, this is one of the more information-packed accounts you can follow.

Follow IOHK_Charles on Twitter.

9. Coin_Shark

Mr. ฿ackwards excels in two key areas: investment opinions and bullshit detection. He shares both with liberal abandon on his active Twitter account, complete with the occasional diversion into good ICO news and interesting altcoin events.

Follow Coin_Shark on Twitter.

10. Crypto_Skipper

Half of cryptocurrency investing is sorting through the news to find something worth your attention. The other half is making sense of charts. Crypto Skipper can definitely help with that last part. Daily altcoin chart tweets come with a short dose of analysis – just enough to help you understand the trends and make a sound prediction for the future.

Follow Crypto_Skipper on Twitter.


Congratulations! Your Twitter feed is now stocked with some of the finest cryptocurrency advice around. There’s just one last account you should follow to stay informed about all things blockchain: Invest in Blockchain, of course. From here, the only place you can go is to the moon!


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