Crypto Trading: 4 Intelligent Tools To Help You Manage Your Portfolio

Perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of the cryptocurrency revolution is how it has made investing accessible on a wide scale. Previously, the trading of stocks and securities was the realm of a professional elite. Now, anyone with a smart device and the drive to make a profit can benefit from crypto’s notorious volatility.

However, as anyone who’s gotten in since December 2017 will know, the swings of the crypto market can be steep and unpredictable. Someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing stands to lose just as much as they stand to gain. So, as with traditional stocks, a slew of projects have emerged to help traders navigate the tricky waters of crypto.

Here we take a look at the 4 crypto trading tools that use different combinations of machine learning and human expertise – their strengths and weaknesses, and how they measure up to each other.


We start with the heaviest hitter in the trading tools market: Cindicator offers a hybrid intelligence system comprised of both expert and AI market analysis. With a decentralized market of over 100,000 human financial analysts building the foundation of their ecosystem, Cindicator is currently the leader in intelligent next-gen predictive analytics.

To add your own market predictions to their ecosystem, they offer an app for both PC, Android, and iOS systems. Once you register, you will be able to predict everything from price levels of particular coins to major events that will affect financial markets.

An AI algorithm then takes the average of everybody’s predictions to determine the most likely outcome. To encourage informed predictions, correct predictions are rewarded on a monthly and quarterly basis with the Cindicator token (CND).

Cindicator also has the largest market cap ($55.9 million) in the space, so clearly a lot of people are confident in its chances for success. Its hybrid nature gives it versatility, and since they have early mover’s advantage, they are far along on their roadmap.

At the end of 2017, they launched their web interface and app 2.0, as well as their Cindicator Bot. In Q1 and Q2 2018, they have been in the process of refining their community incentives and trading robots.

CND Token as an Investment

The recent bear market has hit altcoins hard, and Cindicator is no exception. At the beginning of May, their market cap stood at over $150 million, making their current market cap a loss of nearly ⅔. While possible it could gain back its lost ground, it’s difficult to say at this point in the game.

Cindicator is already quite far along on their roadmap with a fully-launched working interface, so any further developments are just honing what they already have and unlikely to cause a huge boom in token value.

Intelligent Trading Foundation

Previously known as Intelligent Trading Technologies, Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF) is unlike Cindicator in that it is not a hybrid system. If you’ve heard the old proverb about “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day… teach a man to fish and you feed him for life,” ITF essentially combines the best of both options.

Their platform employs cutting-edge AI bots to analyze the cryptocurrency markets and advise traders what their best options are. And on top of that, they provide their community with up-to-date research guides and reference material to educated themselves. ITF uses AI pattern recognition capabilities to assess historical values of particular coins and consolidate what they learn with fiat and traditional asset trading techniques. Their bots are capable of learning and reprogramming in accordance with market changes.

Working as something of a crypto guru, the bot will then predict entry points and notify the trader before they happen. The bot can be customized according to the trader’s preferences when it comes to time of day, risk level, cryptocurrency exchange, and more.

The bot will then generate a trading strategy designed for maximum profits and send out push notifications advising when is a good time to buy, sell, or hold, which the trader can then decide to pull the trigger on.

Source: Intelligent Trading Foundation website

The Intelligent Trading Token (ITT) provides traders access to the platform and its exclusive bots, ultimately appreciating in value as interest in the platform grows. Currently, the ITF market cap sits at a modest US$413,000, meaning there is an incredible potential for growth as ITF adapts to the dynamic crypto world.

At present, ITF is offering both a free package and a starter package for US$20 per month, which includes services such as alerts in BTC, risk horizon customization, blacklisted coins, and more. And they have even more new, complex services for Pro and Advanced packages to come in the second half of 2018. In Q3 they will offer weekly support levels, arbitrage alerts, and AI signals, and in Q4 there will be a personal AI trader, automated trading, and portfolio management auto-balancing.

In addition to these tools, ITF also offers a wide range of resources and guides, including free user guide tutorials on the website to help you get the most out of the trading bot, in-depth research reports on specific cryptocurrencies (currently they have ones for DeepOnion and Cardano, but more will be published on a bi-weekly basis), and Cryptocurrency 101 guides to teach you a basic understanding of the cryptocurrency markets.

Essentially, the ITF ecosystem serves as a center for a things when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. It provides reliable AI tools to help inform trading decisions while also making available resources for new traders to become more knowledgeable and confident in the crypto space.

Ultimately, Intelligent Trading Foundation’s use of bots and AI removes nearly every risk of human error and subjectivity from the equation. It pares down the complex crypto markets to the basics, making them accessible to newcomers, and thus empowering traders to make the best possible decisions.

ITF Token as an Investment

While ITF lost a good half of their market cap in the bear market (their current market cap is worth around $413,000), they are still quite early along on their roadmap.

With so many developments ahead of them, it’s likely they will have sufficient fuel to rebound quickly from the market. They also have a diverse ecosystem of tools and resources to offer, to aide traders at every level of involvement, which suggests it will be attractive to a wide variety of users.

Red Pulse

Red Pulse seeks to bridge the gap between the West and Chinese capital and financial markets by using a hybrid of AI, Chinese natural language searches, and research. Specifically, Red Pulse is trying to tackle a few very specific problems surrounding the Chinese market – information overload and the ensuing lack of transparency and accuracy.

Research is done by machine learning, with algorithms sorting through the tidal wave of data from Chinese sources. Red Pulse then utilizes its ecosystem’s editorial system to vet information it receives, by incentivizing accurate information from content creators using its native RPX token.

The platform then categorizes and tags information as accurately as possible, to make it accessible and transparent to traders in the community.

RPX Token as an Investment

The Red Pulse market cap is currently at $32.7 million, and the fact that it solely deals with a niche market (albeit the second largest market in the world) speaks in its favor. However, although the Red Pulse platform itself is tokenized and built on the blockchain, it actually focuses more on traditional stocks and finances rather than cryptocurrency.

While its RPX tokens may make for a good investment, in terms of actual utilization of the platform, it may not deal directly enough with Chinese cryptocurrencies to interest those looking for a practical tool to help them maximize their crypto profits.

Pareto Network

Pareto Network serves as an umbrella information board for crypto traders, providing them with a wide variety of reliable information. Individual or group users are rewarded for generating and sharing accurate content, essentially making it a completely peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto content – a complete opposite of the previous 3 platforms.

Essentially, Pareto’s foundation is built on an entirely human group mind, and it intends to use the prolific experience of its community to gain access to insider information, announcements, and leaks of information that even AI might miss.

The Pareto community can contribute news, theories, analyses, predictions, and more, and their content will be rewarded by community members.

Access to the Pareto Network can be gained by possessing the Pareto token, which also serves as a method of content quality control.

PARETO Token as an Investment

The project currently has a market cap of $6.2 million, making it the largest of the 3 projects focusing solely on cryptocurrency. Clearly, this project has seen a good deal of success, but like Cindicator they are very far along on their roadmap. With upcoming milestones being more related to fine-tuning existing features than launching new ones, the likelihood of a huge explosion in value is slim.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to invest or to actively participate in a trading platform, each of these has their strengths and weaknesses depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re specifically interested in Chinese markets, Red Pulse may be worth looking into, though they do not specialize in crypto.

For platforms designed specifically to track data and form strategies to trade cryptocurrencies, Cindicator, ITF, and Pareto have the relevant tools and services, depending on how much human input you’re comfortable with.

Pareto is entirely peer-to-peer, a conglomeration of human theorizing from across the internet, while ITF offers AI-devised strategies and advice based on patterns too erratic to be picked up by human analysts. Cindicator rests in a hybrid middle ground between the two.

For those interested solely from a trading perspective, a good rule of thumb for judging where there is profit to be made lies in the coin market cap. For a quick overview on these 4 platforms and how they contrast, have a look at the following table:

Coin Market CapToken ValueFinancial PurviewTools/Resources
Cindicator$55.9 million$.038CryptocurrencyHybrid human/AI
Intelligent Trading Foundation$0.4 million$.04CryptocurrencyAI trading bots, research reports, Cryptocurrency 101 guides
Red Pulse$31.9 million$.039Fiat, traditional stocks & assetsMachine learning, data vetted by ecosystem users
Pareto$6.2 million$.025CryptocurrencyP2P content marketplace


Ultimately, the platform you choose depends on your own confidence in your skills at gauging the market. Someone who feels they have been around the block a bit may be happier just being directed to Pareto’s marketplace, where they have a ton of information to pick and choose from. Someone who hasn’t yet emerged from the crypto tidal pool may prefer all the heavy strategizing and market surveillance to be done for them by ITF’s AI bots.

Either way, each of these tools looks on their way to providing effective intelligent trading tools to help new crypto traders get on their feet. Happy investing!

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