Crypto Titans: A New Podcast That Interviews Dynamic Personalities of the Crypto World

If you’ve run through all of your cryptocurrency news sources and are looking for something that takes a deep-dive into the human element of crypto, check out Crypto Titans Podcast. A series of fireside chats for the blockchain era, Crypto Titans posts daily interviews with the entrepreneurs, financiers, developers, and service providers that are building and shaping the way the cryptocurrency industry operates.

Instead of focusing on the consumer audience, it explores the different strategies, backgrounds, and thought processes of crypto’s B2B leaders. And with discussion topics ranging from crypto regulation to tech design to PR in the crypto realm, there’s enough thought-provoking content here to keep anyone mulling for a long time.

The podcast is hosted by Nate Ginsburg, an international entrepreneur with 7-figure exits. On each episode, Nate delves deep into his guests’ backgrounds, businesses, and viewpoints on the cryptocurrency space, showcasing the diverse individual personalities that make up this dynamic industry. Moreover, the podcast aims to highlight those who are creating real and sustainable growth in the industry – not short-term investment schemes. So, if you’re only interested in crypto as a way to make a quick buck, you may want to keep moving.

However, if you’re excited about the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency for disrupting flawed and ineffective industries, if you love learning about creative, new projects and the people behind them, this is the podcast for you.

For those interested in the question that’s on everyone’s mind as cryptocurrency explodes into the mainstream – cryptocurrency regulation – Episode 1 centers around a discussion with Musheer Ahmed, the General Manager of Hong Kong’s Fintech Association. He discusses the state of cryptocurrency regulation as governments and legal bodies start to take notice, and how that regulation could impact ICOs, exchanges, wallets, and the industry as a whole.

Along a more humanitarian theme, in Episode 2 co-founder of the Social Alpha Foundation Nydia Zhang discusses how her not-for-profit platform foments the use of blockchain technology for education and social welfare by distributing grants for blockchain projects that would benefit public health, education, or the environment.

Episode 3 then takes a more philosophical bent as Alan Vantoai of Chainlink Labs talks about the importance of understanding cryptocurrency’s true value, beyond its potential as an investment asset, as a means of building strong communities. In a conversation with Nate, he talks about his work in the blockchain space, contributing UI/UX design for ICOs, community management, and Telegram analytics tools.

Already at 21 episodes, Crypto Titans shows every sign of keeping up its great momentum. The podcast also includes interviews with leading ICO advisors such as Thomas Graham of TLDR and Jehan Chu of Kinetic. On Episode 11, Thomas and Nate discuss what startups need to do to succeed in a fast-paced environment, exploring the dos and don’ts when it comes to adapting to the needs of community members and investors in such a new industry.

On Episode 13, Jehan and Nate look at sustainability in the blockchain industry post-ICO, drawing out the value of an ICO advisor and articulating strategies for creating long-term enterprise value. Standing out as an example of how a company can provide guidance in such a cutting-edge and rapidly evolving environment as the crypto community, they look at Kinetic, the technology advisory company of which Jehan is co-founder and managing partner.

These are the sorts of topics Crypto Titans explores, with a new interview every day – plenty of food for thought for any crypto fanatic to sink their teeth into! The episodes summarized here are only a taster of the podcast’s full range, with much more to come. The complete interviews are currently available for free download, and they cover a variety of issues ranging from technology to finance to marketing.

To listen to the Crypto Titans podcast, visit their website or subscribe to their page on iTunes.  

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  • Elliot
    Posted April 22, 2018 3:49 pm 0Likes

    Hey cool idea, Have you seen my twitch channel? We would love to come talk crypto sometime!

  • Alan
    Posted July 16, 2018 2:23 am 0Likes

    Teledactyl is about to airdrop, bounty and launch a healthcare ecosystem! Contact me for an interview!

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