Week in Review: December 13 – 20

One week in crypto feels like a year.”

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup!

Every Wednesday we will provide a snapshot into the last 168 hours in the world of cryptocurrency and Invest In Blockchain!

Nothing new here; just another record-setting week in crypto! Ethereum reached an all-time high, passing $850, while Bitcoin saw a fall from close to $20,000 down to $14,000 earlier today.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash has listed on Coinbase/GDAX and it is causing quite the controversy. The price on GDAX is sitting at $9,500 but sell and buy orders are not going through. The world of cryptocurrency loves to keep us entertained!

Invest In Blockchain had another great week! We surpassed 200K on the Alexa rankings, broke 1,500 followers on Twitter (follow us, if you aren’t already!) and shared numerous exciting stories with our community.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites:

1) Crypto Know-How: A Guide to the Top 10 Ethereum Tokens

This article provides an overview of 10 of the most successful Ethereum-based tokens, ranked by their current market cap. Let’s learn about the ERC20 tokens that are dominating the market!


2) All About Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin Futures have been the talk of the town! In this article, Jorn Van Zwanenburg walks you through the ins and outs of Bitcoin Futures.


3) Exclusive Interview with AirFox’s VP of Business Operations

AirFox Invest in Blockchain has previously covered AirFox, a company bringing blockchain technology to mobile data users in emerging markets. We speak to Christine To, VP of Business Operations at AirFox, about the blockchain-powered mobile data provider that’s set to disrupt the industry and provide scores of unbanked and underserved individuals in emerging markets with access to mobile connectivity.

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