Week in Review: December 6 – 12

One week in crypto feels like a year.” – a wise man

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup!

Every Wednesday we will provide a snapshot into the last 168 hours in the world of cryptocurrency and Invest In Blockchain!

The Price_Action_Dec12cryptocurrency market is on fire right now. Money is coming in from all avenues and the overall market cap just passed a record high of $500 billion. UBS announced an Ethereum partnership and blockchain technology continues to push boundaries.

It is clear we have entered a new paradigm in the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Invest In Blockchain is also growing; we’re officially one of the top 250,000 websites in the world, according to the Alexa rankings. A big thanks to our wonderful community!

Let’s go to our top stories from the past week:

1) 8 Blockchain-Friendly Countries Around the World

As the world continues to adopt blockchain technology, Meredith Denbow takes a look at some of the blockchain-friendly countries in the world.


2) OMG Roadmap: What the Future Holds

The team at OmiseGo recently released their plans for 2018.Jacob Bushmaker takes you into the future and gives a breakdown of OMG’s plans.


3) 5 Undervalued Cryptos You Should Keep Your Eye On

Stay ahead of the curve with these five undervalued cryptos you should be watching!


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