3 Crypto Airdrops in June You Should Know About

Distributing free tokens through airdrops is becoming the new norm, which is great if you like free money. However, there are many different kinds of crypto airdrops and they vary a lot in how many tokens (i.e. how much value) they distribute. Thus, it can sometimes be hard to assess which airdrops deserve your attention.

We did some of the work for you and assessed which upcoming airdrops have the best effort/(potential)value ratio. For those who need some extra pocket money on their holidays this year, or a lot more next year, these are our picks for the 3 crypto airdrops in June that you should know about.


What Is Humancoin?

Humancoin is a blockchain startup aspiring to bring philanthropy, retail e-commerce, and cryptocurrencies together on their to-be-launched platform. In principle, the Humancoin platform is a peer-to-peer charity blockchain application that leverages benefits of blockchain technology and rewards programs in e-commerce.

The platform does this by creating decentralized loyalty programs. Because these loyalty programs are charity based, the expectation is that these programs will create a strong emotional resonance and lead to increased customer loyalty. Moreover, the platform will not try and compete with existing programs, but rather intends to make integration into existing programs nearly effortless.

The Humancoin team leverages blockchain technology to generate trust in the spending and allocation of funds meant for charity. Currently, consumers have a general lack of trust in the models for charitable funding, and the increased transparency and automatization of this process via blockchain technology can boost trust while decreasing overhead costs, both oh which will lead to more capital raised for charity.

The platform will allow for direct and transparent donations to charitable organizations and indirect support of charitable causes through consumer loyalty programs. The Humancoin token can easily be converted into a variety of points, miles, coupons, and bonuses, and it can be used as a means to donate to charitable causes. Donations will be recorded permanently on the blockchain so can be fully tracked, and the Humancoin token can also be used to vote for and rank projects.

How To Participate

Even though the token sale finalizes in early November, enthusiasts can already become eligible for their first Humancoin tokens through the project’s airdrop program. Phase 1 of this airdrop has already finished, but phase 2 starts on June 20.

The estimated price of the token is $0.01, and for entering phase 2 of the airdrop program participants will receive 2,000 tokens ($20). On top of that, participants can earn 200 tokens for referrals. You can become part of this airdrop by subscribing here.

Colu Local Network

What Is the Colu Local Network?

The Colu Local Nework (CLN) is a decentralized payment network. The Network will link with the Colu payment app, a blockchain-based community made up of globally spread local communities. This perfectly glocal solution has been designed to bring people and businesses comprising a community together based on their consumption of the products and services local businesses offer.

Colu’s vision is to create an entirely new, alternative financial ecosystem without central authority and with a clear focus on strengthening local community ties.

The Colu payment app has been growing rapidly, with 150,000 active users and 1,500 participating businesses and exploding user networks in Liverpool, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and London. Each of these local networks, and the many more that are expected to follow, can create their own community currency.

Colu’s goal is to turn these community currencies into a viable alternative payment option for local businesses. Users and groups of users on the Colu platform are able to issue their own cryptocurrencies. Instead of paying for your locally brewed beer through the established means, such as Visa, Colu envisions you paying for this beer with your community currency through your smartphone.

Through these local networks, community members can ultimately become stakeholders in their own community. The local currencies can also be used for rewards and loyalty programs, discounts or special deals, and a whole array of purposes. Ah, the beauty of programmable money.

How To Participate

Besides the airdrop, the CLN launched an ambassador program, where they’re offering 200 CLN tokens to the first 2,000 ambassadors who complete their first challenge.

All the rules to participate in both of these programs are laid out here. You’ll have to act quick though, as the airdrop will end on June 25!

NEO Name Service

What Is NEO Name Service?

On June 6, the Neo Name Service team announced that they are going to airdrop a small portion of their tokens. NNS is a decentralized name service for members of the NEO network.

Through NNS, each member can claim a .neo domain name and use this as an alias for their public key. I could, for example, claim the domain name “jorn.neo” to make sending NEO and NEP-5 tokens a whole lot easier. The domain name doesn’t replace your private key, but links to your private key through a smart contract.

To claim domains, users pay with GAS to participate in the bidding process for the domain names.  This means NNS’s native, to-be-airdropped token NNC (yes, the last letter is a tad confusing) isn’t used for bidding. NNC will be used for weight in domain name auctions and for voting on root domain names, and will thus be responsible for the governance of the platform.

How To Participate

A snapshot of NEO coins holders will take place on June 27. For every NEO held at that moment, holders will receive an equivalent of 0.1 NNS tokens. The total amount airdropped comes down to 1% of the total token supply, which is 1 billion. This low percentage led to serious community concerns based on the high amount of tokens held by the team (89%).

The native tokens are mostly used for voting (domain names are bought with GAS), and thus the team has chosen for a (initial) centralized approach for the distribution of the domain names, which makes sense. There has been quite a lot of discussion about this on reddit and the team has indicated that it has heard the community. Free money just isn’t what it used to be.

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