Enabling the Cryptocurrency Creation Market For Everyone

CreaEther is an ERC-20 token and has been created to disrupt the crypto community.

Yes, the cryptocurrency universe is getting well known by a good part of the population now, and access to it is getting better and the trading too, But the crypto creation process is still relatively unknown and the programing and development part is still not really accessible to everyone and some knowledge is still required

Many resources and things need to be known before launching your own crypto, and CreaEther can help.

CreaEther will enable the creation and also the trade of pre-built cryptocurrency project. With CreaEther, you can create a custom cryptocurrency and custom blockchain.

CreaEther is Enabling the Cryptocurrency Creation Market

Create a Crypto with CETH in less then 5 minutes, and anyone can also buy or sell a pre-built cryptocurrency.

A prebuilt cryptocurrency is a complete crypto project that is ready to be launch. On the CreaEther Website Market Place, people can place sell and buy orders for pre-built crypto.

CICO Create Stronger Project with CreaEther

Instead of ICO, people will be able to access Featured Projects and take part in the cryptocurrency project they choose to invest by voting for the project they have choosen.

You can find more info on the CreaEther website: https://ceth.store


CreaEther With the Ticker CETH is available on the DEX and Soon on Public Exchanges

One of the exchanges that CETH is listed on is the emerging cryptocurrency exchange called Cryptaldash.

The CryptalDash Exchange is the world’s first integrated cryptocurrency exchange. It enables cross-market views and execution. You can trade within the exchange or via integrated third-party exchanges. Trading at CryptalDash means you always get the best price.

Note: CryptalDash is only listing projects that support and promote a sustainable world, in line with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

You can help and support by voting for CreaEther on CryptalDash: https://www.cryptaldash.com/new-coin-listing/creaether

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