Craig Wright To Bloomberg: This Has Never Been About Making Money

Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) supporter, Craig Wright, infamous for his claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, was recently interviewed by Bloomberg and said that he would sue those with “perceived authority” who criticized him for libel and defamation.

The controversy surrounding Wright came to a boil when he placed a $5000 bounty on Twitter user Hodlonaut, who had criticized him, calling him “mentally ill.” Wright also had his attorneys send legal notices to the user, with the intention of suing him for libel and defamation. Wright’s actions have extended to sending legal notices to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and podcaster Peter McCormack.

In the interview, Wright does not budge from his position, saying that he would prefer to be judged in court than on Twitter,

I am mainly seeking people who have a perceived authority within the crypto currency industry so Vitalik & Peter McCormack. They have been sent the opening letter outlining the case already. This will give me the chance to prove my credentials in front of a judge rather than being judged by Twitter.

And when asked about how much BSV he owns, Wright said,

This has never been about making money –- if it was I could’ve cashed out long ago and sailed into the sunset, literally.

He adds later that he would like to show a judge his credentials as opposed to being “dragged through the Twitterverse.”

Wright also believes that it is he who is trying to be silenced,

This is a desire to silence me. They see an end to the scams, the pumps and lies in a single system and honest protocol and they are afraid. To my mind a simple denial of the basic principles of Bitcoin. Anybody who reads the White Paper can see quite clearly that BSV is the only coin that reflects that paper and has proved it’s the only coin that can scale right now.

Cryptocommunity Banding Together Against Wright

The cryptocommunity, meanwhile, has banded together to resist Wright’s words and actions. Morgan Creek co-founder, Anthony Pompliano, has called for exchanges to delist the BSV token as a result of Wright’s actions, and several exchanges have heeded the call or independently decided to remove BSV from the exchange.

Binance, which has also delisted BSV, was one of the first exchanges to react to Wright’s recent moves, with CEO Changpeng Zhao saying that Wright “must cut it out” or risk having the token removed from Binance, one of the world’ most popular platforms. The price of BSV dropped heavily following the removal.

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