COOPEX – The World’s First Cooperative Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges are meant to bridge the gap between modern financial infrastructure and the future of money. Unfortunately, most exchanges today are maximizing short-term profit at the expense of traders, investors, and the health of the greater crypto ecosystem.

The Cooperative Exchange (COOPEX) is aiming to up the status quo for crypto exchanges by putting traders first and working together with crypto projects that want to get listed rather than extorting them.

You see, there are a couple of prevalent problems with exchanges that need to be addressed and changed if mainstream adoption of blockchain technology is to become a reality.

  • Ludicrous listing fees and wait times – Unfortunately, it has become standard practice among crypto exchanges to charge high listing fees to crypto projects trying to gain liquidity for their coin or token. On top of that, many exchanges are incredibly inefficient in their listing process and keep projects waiting for months on end, even after they have paid the listing fee.
  • Poor incentivization for traders – Many crypto exchanges have incentive programs for using their native tokens. The most common of these are fee reduction programs where fees are smaller if paid in the exchange’s token like what Binance has with its BNB token. However, the token economics of these programs is weak to say the least.

How COOPEX Sets Themselves Apart from Other Crypto Exchanges

With best-in-class solutions to both of these problems, as well as several other useful features, COOPEX is poised to compete with the best cryptocurrency exchanges out there in the years ahead. There are two unique solutions that will be employed by the Cooperative Exchange upon its launch on August 10 that will help set it apart from other top crypto exchanges:

  • Free listing for ERC20 tokens – The truth is that there is very little development work required to list ERC20 tokens and tokens built on top of other top platforms such as EOS and QTUM. As such, COOPEX will not charge any listing fees to these projects. Exchanges that profit at the expense of blockchain projects that are trying to gain liquidity negatively impact the health of the cryptocurrency market. It’s time that more exchanges work to support the blockchain industry rather than prioritizing short-term profit.
  • Token buyback and dividends program – COOPEX will incentivize traders to use the exchange and investors to purchase the COOP token through a best-in-class token buyback program in which 75% of all exchange fees that are collected will be used to buy and burn COOP tokens, creating upward price pressure. For reference, Binance’s BNB buyback and burn program uses only 20% of trading fees, so COOPEX beats it by more than 3x. Moreover, COOPEX will be holding a vote for token holders to decide whether or not they would like to have a dividends program in addition to the buyback program.

In addition to these unique advantages of the exchange, COOPEX is developing as many beneficial features for traders as possible.

The Cooperative Exchange will originally launch as a hybrid decentralized exchange. All Ethereum assets will move to a secure smart contract before the exchange is launched, and further development will be done to make COOPEX entirely decentralized in the future, as well as continued support for cryptocurrencies without native smart contract capabilities such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Further, COOPEX will offer margin trading with leverage of up to 50x on a selection of markets with high liquidity. The exchange has already partnered with the cooperative to increase liquidity, and they will be looking for more liquidity providers to join and help ensure that traders have a good experience.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of all, however, is that COOPEX is already built and functional. While the development team will be constantly working on improvements, they did not want to be just another in the long list of ICOs with a whitepaper but no working product. That way, COOP will have intrinsic value from the very beginning, rather than being an entirely speculative investment for months or even years following the token sale.


COOPEX is currently holding their ICO, which is open to all non-US citizen investors with BTC, BCH, and ETH accepted. The ICO soft cap is set at just $500,000 and the hardcap at $900,000, with an USD value of approximately $0.10/COOP.

The ICO will finish after 9,000,000 COOP have been sold or on August 3rd, whichever happens first. All tokens that go unsold during the ICO will be burnt once the sale is completed. Individuals interested in participating in the ICO should visit the exchange at and follow the directions in the “Initial Coin Offering” section.


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