Coinbase Continues to Refine Platform, Watchlist Lets Users Streamline Experience

As a part of their “12 Days of Coinbase” campaign, popular U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase recently released a “watchlist feature” that allows users to choose what they see on their dashboard. While it’s a minor announcement, the addition indicates the intensity with which Coinbase is trying to make crypto more accessible.

Coinbase said in a blog post:

The crypto industry moves fast, and it can be hard to filter the signal from the noise every day. With watchlist, customers can click the star icon on any asset pages to indicate you’re interested in those cryptocurrencies, and your dashboard will feature key information about those assets on a new Following tab.

The watchlist helps to remove all of the clutter for the amateur investor just looking to dabble in a few altcoins. Watchlist lets them bookmark certain coins and receive relevant market data about them. Users will also receive news and updates related to their selected tokens.

Coinbase is Getting a Lot of Attention from 12 Days of Coinbase

The exchange has drawn a lot of attention in the past few days as a result of their promotional campaign which has them making a new announcement every day until December 21.

Some key updates to the platform that have been announced include a new “Convert” feature and the ability for users to instantly withdraw Coinbase funds to PayPal with no fees attached. These features greatly enhances accessibility and ease of use, and fits in with the overarching goal of making crypto easy to use and practically viable form of tender.

Coinbase also highlighted their collaboration with GiveCrypto, a charitable effort supported by crypto donations, and an e-gift card service in collaboration with WeGift.  

As we’ve noted before, there is a lot of competition in the exchange space and Coinbase is indeed “thinking deeply about new ways to democratize the best of cryptocurrency,” putting themselves in a great position to become one of the top exchanges in the world.

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