Coinbase Hits Trending On AppStore, The Return Of Mass Interest In Bitcoin Is Here

There well and truly appears to be a resurgence in interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as Coinbase’s iOS has it the trending list on the App Store.

Source: Reddit

The rise in prices in cryptocurrencies is often accompanied by an increased interest in cryptocurrencies from would-be investors. The market of late 2017 saw those who had not previously invested in crypto enter the market. The crash in the following year had turned many would-be investors off, but as ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees explained, Bitcoin and the crypto market operate in a cyclical fashion.

The market has experienced a tremendous few days with both the prices of Bitcoin and altcoins showing signs of reaching the kind of highs that people value crypto at – Tom Lee of Fundstrat said that a fair value for Bitcoin is $14,800.

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