Cardano Shelley Coming Early June 2019 — What’s In It For Investors?

In a recent YouTube video posted by the Cardano Effect on June 2, the senior product manager of Cardano (ADA), David Esser, spoke about the upcoming release of Cardano’s highly anticipated Shelley testnet.

According to the hosts, the most-asked question by Cardano community members is when does Shelley touch down? Esser did his best to answer, stating that the Shelley testnet is coming in early June:


Once the testnet is live, Esser said they are going to vigorously test it with all of the hacks and malicious attack vectors they know about. He also stated that the Shelley testnet will start with a small number of stake pool operators and limited functionality, with a series of rollouts increasing both.

“What we want to provide is the platform for enterprise decentralized apps. And to really solve that problem, we don’t just want to hurry along to release. Our goal is to solve that problem and release something that does solve that problem… The release isn’t the goal. Enterprise-class, decentralized application platform capability, that’s the goal.”

Following this, Esser proclaimed that Cardano is working very hard to release the Shelley mainnet by Q4 2019, but they are not making any promises. He says they will not release anything until it’s up to the extremely high standards they have set for themselves and is ready for enterprise use.

Do you think Cardano will deliver on their promises? Will Cardano’s blockchain eventually blow everyone away with its enterprise-level capabilities? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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  • Kain
    Posted June 5, 2019 12:31 am 0Likes

    Of course it will. 3rd generation crypto is where it’s at . Only a matter of time

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