Can BAT Increase By 200% Before The End Of 2019?

BAT, Basic Attention Token, has seen on a tear in recent weeks as the cryptocurrency has risen by a total of 86% over the past 30 days. The project has seen a further 101% price rise over the past 90 trading days as the 22-month-old project now is ranked in 24th position as it holds a $334 million market cap value.

BAT is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency dedicated to disrupting the general digital advertising industry. The platform functions as an advertising exchange network that connects publishers, advertisers, and users.

The users can be paid in BAT for watching advertisements and the publishers receive a larger slice of the advertising revenues. The entire project functions through the privacy-focused Brave browser which blocks all ads, trackers, and 3rd party cookies by default.

In today’s age of big data, it is important for users to have their information secure and private. Large digital companies collect user data to target specific advertisements according to the user’s preferences. Typical browsers such as Google Chrome track user data and store the information on their own servers to create a profile for each user. The Brave browser however, does not allow the user data to leave the host computer which effectively allows the user to hold their own data without the fear of it reaching the large digital companies.

BAT and the Brave browser were both created by Brendan Eich. Eich has an extensive track record which helps propel the project to greater heights. He is the inventor of the popular programming language JavaScript and is also the co-founder of the popular browser known as Mozilla Firefox.

Brave has already seen over 20 million downloads on the Android platform alone, indicating the size of the Brave user base.

In this article we will take a look at the potential for BAT to increase by 200% before the end of 2019. We will take a look at some of the positive drivers that may help this occur in 2019. For BAT to increase by 200% from today’s price it will need to reach the $0.88 level before the end of 2019 as shown in the chart below.

Positive Drivers


The Brave browser had amassed a slew of partnerships over the previous few months. One of the largest is with “Cheddar” a post-cable network company that focuses on business news and general news.

The partnership will allow for free subscriptions to premium Cheddar content for Brave browser users. The two companies have teamed up because Cheddar’s user base has been described as ‘crypto obsessed’. They have even created their own show dedicated to crypto called “Crypto Craze”.

In 2018, Brave also partnered with the Dow Jones Media Group to test blockchain technology in digital advertising. The partnership allowed Brave viewers to view premium content from some Dow Jones Media projects for a trial period of 3 months.

Furthermore, the new blockchain based HTC Exodus smartphone announced that Brave will be the default browser for the smartphone, further increasing the adoption of the Brave browser. The smartphone has been described as being extremely secure for crypto payments.

Competition With Other Browsers

There is a wide selection of browsers that are available for users to choose from. However, Brave is one of the only browsers that is intended to be a privacy-focused browser with zero intention to track user data. The browser already comes with privacy features such as ad blocking and tracker disabling pre-installed.

Adding further to the privacy features, the Brave browser has also been proven to be considerably faster than its competition, including the Google Chrome browser. Brave can load pages much faster and also uses significantly less battery power on its mobile-based browsers.

High Profile Endorsements

Brave has also received endorsements from high profile individuals who have come forward and warned users to keep away from traditional browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome. One of the most notable individuals to recently come forward is the Wikipedia co-founder, Larry Sanger. In a blog post titled “Locking Down My Cyber Life”, Sanger details the problem with internet privacy today and outlines a plan for users to be able to keep their data private as much as possible.

In the blog post his first point is for users to stop using Chrome altogether. He states that Google collects too much data and that users should switch to the privacy-focused Brave browser instead.

BAT Long Term Price Analysis

Let us take a look at the BAT/USD market and highlight some key areas of resistance on the way up to $0.88.

We can see that BAT/USD has recently reached resistance at the $0.30 level. The market had surged significantly after reversing from the previous bearish trend during February 2019 at $0.10.

If the bullish surge continues to cause BAT/USD to break above the resistance at $0.30, we can expect higher resistance above at the $0.36 and $0.40 price levels.

Above this more resistance will then be expected at the bearish .382 Fibonacci Retracement level priced at $0.4797. This long term bearish Fibonacci Retracement level is measured from the January 2018 high to the February 2019 low.

If the buyers continue to break above $0.50 more resistance can then be located at $0.55 and at the bearish .5 Fibonacci Retracement level priced at $0.59.

Above $0.60 the market will then have to tackle the .618 Fibonacci Retracement level at$0.71 before being free to make a test of the $0.88 handle and completing the 200% price increase.


BAT most certainly has the potential to increase by 200% within the next 9 months. The market will first need to break above the current resistance at $0.30 and then penetrate above $0.50 before being free to tackle $0.88.

As the need for privacy increases we can expect Brave to be the first choice privacy focused browser for users which will help increase adoption rates causing the market to drive further higher. The choice will be easier for users considering that the Brave browser is actually faster than its competitors. Furthermore, as more high profile individuals come forward to recommend switching to Brave we can expect the adoption rate to continue to increase.

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