Blockchain Developer is “Biggest Growing Job Sector in 2018” According to LinkedIn

Blockchain developers are in high demand as the profession ranks number 1 on LinkedIn’s emerging jobs list for 2018.

The professional networking site for business professionals and job seekers alike has released a report naming the top 5 emerging jobs of 2018 and blockchain developers tops the list.

Primarily consisting of computer science and software engineering roles, the list has blockchain developers at the top with 33x growth, machine learning engineers with 12x growth, application sales executive with 8x growth, and machine learning specialists and professional medical representatives with 6x growth.

According to Guy Berger, the chief economist at LinkedIn, they expect seeing the growth surrounding data science roles as the industry is expanding and developing more specialized roles:

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing an explosion of machine learning roles and continuing growth of data science roles. In fact, we started to see glimmers of this in last year’s report; however, both fields are starting to see more specialized roles emerge. It also may not shock you that Blockchain Developer is topping the list following this year’s surge in interest around blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Developers: 33x Growth

The report stated that the blockchain profession is in high demand in the United States, particularly in San Francisco, New York City, and Atlanta. The companies with the most job listings include IBM, ConsenSys, and Chainyard.

Among the blockchain developer job postings, the most sought-after skills include knowledge surrounding the Solidity programming language, blockchain, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, and the open source JavaScript platform node.js.

While blockchain developers have seen the most growth this year, it’s important to note that they did not mention the profession in last year’s LinkedIn report. As for the job roles of machine learning engineer, assurance staff, and sales development representative, they all made the list again despite substantial growth last year.

It will be interesting to see if blockchain will be a long-standing trend in the job market, and make the list again next year.

Final Thoughts

For the entirety of 2018, we have been in a brutal bear market, and blockchain developers still topped the LinkedIn’s emerging jobs list. This could be a good sign for the future of blockchain.

The blockchain industry is busy at work, building the foundation necessary to sustain another hyperbolic cryptocurrency bull run. If you take a minute to look beyond the price, it’s easy to see all the positive developments going on in the space.

For instance, Android’s Opera web browser now features a built-in crypto wallet with dapp support. IOHK just released two smart contract tools that will spur the development of fintech applications for blockchain. Ripple is making headway with their goal to provide solutions for the global transfer of money through blockchain technology.

The list goes on, and these positive developments are not slowing down. It’s only a matter of time before the price reflects what’s going on in the background.

Do you think the number of blockchain related positions will continue to grow into 2019? Do you work in the blockchain industry? Let us know in the comment section below.

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