Bitcoin Will Likely Go To 0-$500, Says Venture Capitalist

Venture Capitalist, Jason Calacanis, has offered a grim prediction of Bitcoin’s (BTC) future, tweeting that Bitcoin will fall to $0 – 500 for the fact that it is manipulated and could be replaced by a new technology,

Calacanis, who has invested in Uber and Robinhood, goes on to say that it is possible that early investors will clear that position, but holds that probability to be less than 30% while energy consumption, regulation, hacking, and newer technology make the likelihood of Bitcoin fading to be greater than 70%,

Calacanis’ Prediction At Odds with those of Others

Several investors have invested a large portion of their life’s savings in Bitcoin and the crypto market, which has given rise to several horrific stories about these investors losing nearly all of it in bear markets. What Calacanis says about keeping a position that investors are willing to lose is solid advice, and the pessimistic prediction is at odds with what many other entrepreneurs and seasoned crypto investors seem to think.

Tim Draper, Mike Novogratz, and Tom Lee, among many others, have made extremely bullish predictions for Bitcoin, spanning a broad range of values.

Thought it would be imprudent to write off a possible future technology and/or rival to Bitcoin, the digital asset remains unrivalled so far and holds an enormous lead over other tokens.

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