Bitcoin: U.S. Presidential Candidate Might Have Predicted This Crypto Surge 5 Days Ago

Andrew Yang, the 2020 U.S. Presidential candidate that supports Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto appears to have predicted crypto’s most recent price surge 5 days ago in a tweet where he urged his followers to buy in now because the surge is coming.

While Yang doesn’t specify what to buy in his tweet, it’s quite obvious he was referring to Bitcoin seeing as he is a known crypto enthusiast and accepts Bitcoin donations for his presidential campaign.

Bitcoin Surges, Did You Buy In?

4 days after Yang’s tweet urging people to buy in before the surge, Bitcoin surged from $8,000 to over $8,800 in a giant spike up on Sunday afternoon, May 26. Joining Bitcoin in its surge, the crypto market as a whole has gone up quite significantly.

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In addition to Yang’s bullish Bitcoin prediction, trading veteran Peter Brandt predicted Bitcoin’s parabolic trend 2 years ago. According to Brandt, 2 months ago he said that he would not be surprised if Bitcoin entered a new parabolic phase, which is exactly what has happened.

Did you listen to Yang and buy Bitcoin before the surge? Did you listen to Brandt and buy Bitcoin before its parabolic phase? Are you buying Bitcoin at these prices? Let us know in the comment section below.

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