Binance Launchpad Tokens See Massive Returns

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, has tweeted about the success of projects launched on Binance’s Launchpad, congratulating for their successful beginnings,

The CEO referred to 4 tokens: TRON-acquired Bittorrent (BTT), Fetch (FET), Celer (CELR), and Matic Network (MATIC). The last of these has created a whopping profit of 620% for investors, while BTT has generated an even larger profit of 787%.

Binance’s Launchpad is selective about the projects that it chooses for launch, with each token performing quite well. CELR raised $4 million in just 17 minutes.In addition to the launchpad, Binance has also been partnering extensively.

Recently, Binance was subject to a $40 million hack that resulted in the theft of 7,000 Bitcoins (BTC). The exchange was down for maintenance while the exchange dealt with the aftermath of the theft. Despite this, Binance and its token, Binance Coin (BNB), have been doing very well, with BNB hitting an all-time high of just under $30.

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