Bicoin SV Price Tanks As Key Players Say Enough To C. Wright Scams – Where To Short Bitcoin SV?

The troubles continue for the Bitcoin SV fork after a significant 21% drop in the coin over the past 24 hours of trading, bringing the current trading price down to around $56.88;

Source: CoinMarketCap

This price dump comes hours after Binance had announced that they would delist BSV after the founder, Craig Wright, unleashed a vicious attack on his critics.

Bitcoin SV was launched last year after Bitcoin Cash forked off into their separate ways giving rise to Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision, a cryptocurrency that claims to be in-line with Satoshi’s original principles.

Over the past week Craig Wright has threatened to sue anybody who claims he is not Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin, himself. It all started when Craig Wright had threatened to sue Twitter user, Hodlnaut, after he started the hashtag #CraigWrightIsAFraud.

Wright did not respond well to this and accused Hodlnaut of harassment and libel. Wright also took things a step further and offered a $5,000 bounty (in BSV) to anyone who could provide details on the person behind @Hodlnaut.

The industry did not take too kindly to these threats and the CEO of the largest exchange, Binance, took things one step further and threatened to de-list Bitcoin SV from its exchange.

Well, it appears that the threat was not empty as Binance had officially announced that they would be de-listing BSV with the following tweet;

It appears that Binance is not alone in this stand against Wright and BSV. A few hours after the Binance announcement Erik Voorhees, founder of ShapeShift, also announced that ShapeShift would be de-listing BSV.

Other large exchanges are also following suit. Kraken had recently posted a poll to ask their users if they should also de-list BSV;

After 61,832 votes, an overwhelming 72% have voted for de-listing BSV off of Kraken also.

Where To Short BSV?

With all of these exchanges de-listing the cryptocurrency, typically, this would be a great time to short BSV. If these large exchanges continue to de-list BSV then the cryptocurrency will struggle to grow as the access to buy the token is restricted.

Unfortunately, there is nowhere available that will allow users to short the cryptocurrency similar to that of BitMex and BitFinex.

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