FundRequest is Launching Arkane Network, an Open Network for Building Decentralized Applications

FundRequest, the project aiming to expand funding for open-source efforts, is on the cusp of launching a major feature called Arkane Network.

First announced in a blog post in early September, Arkane Network is a multi-blockchain wallet provider that allows users to interact with several blockchains from a single source. It is expected to launch in mid-October 2018.

What Does Arkane Network Do?

The Arkane Network was developed with intention of making crypto more accessible to users and more lucrative for developers and projects. The wallet’s ability to connect to several blockchains means that a user has a single source from which they can manage different tokens.

This will be done through a global overview of balances and activity, and dapps built on the network. Most importantly, they will have access to whatever dapps Arkane supports, including those built in Ethereum’s development framework, Truffle.

Meanwhile, developers can create applications on Arkane through APIs and SDKs that will be compatible with multiple blockchains. Wallets will be automatically created for users, thus circumventing one major pain point for non-tech savvy users.

Arkane’s Truffle provider will also make smart contract deployment simple. Arkane’s documentation is already up, which means developers can prepare as it gets ready for launch.

FundRequest Arkane Network
Source: FundRequest blog

Today’s news comes with the reveal of the Arkane Network’s website and the APIs that can be used for dapp development.

In the months since the launch of their platform, the FundRequest team has come to learn that cryptocurrencies and blockchain still remain an interest that largely belongs to the tech enthusiast, and that mass adoption can only be achieved by lowering the barriers of entry.

Consequently, the team brainstormed for a way to bridge the gap between the average digital user and the emerging technology — the result is Arkane.

FundRequest is making an intense effort to make it easy and desirable for developers to support their favorite open-source projects, and give projects access to talented developers from across the world.

Requests for work on Brave, Metamask, Golem Network, and TrustWallet have already been completed. As we’ve noted before, FundRequest is also a project that’s ideal for businesses seeking to outsource challenging issues to capable developers, and can also act as an effective recruitment tool.

Arkane Network is a service that is separate from FundRequest and will be free to use. The team is currently exploring ways to incorporate the FND token as a utility token in the Arkane ecosystem.

Pre-registration for early access to Arkane is up and running.

You can learn more about FundRequest on their website, and keep yourself updated on the project’s latest developments through Twitter, GitHub, and Telegram.

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