Anthony Pompliano Is Calling On All Crypto Exchanges To Delete #BitcoinSV On May 1, 2019

Morgan Creek co-founder and popular Bitcoin proponent, Anthony Pompliano, has sent a message out to cryptocurrency exchanges, calling them out on Twitter to simultaneously delete Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) from their platforms on May 1, 2019.

Labeling it under the hashtag “#DelistBSV”, “Pomp”, as Pompliano is often called, said that the Bitcoin “community was the responsibility of the people.”

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, also made his stance on the matter known clearly a few days ago, telling the Bitcoin Cash SV project to cut this matter out or the exchange would delist the BSV token.

Crypto Users Oppose Wright’s Actions

Users and insiders have vehemently criticized and opposed Craig Wright’s decision to sue “Hodlonaut”, a Twitter user who has only made some posts about his opinion on the token, even going so far as to put a $5000 bounty for the purposes of learning his real identity.

Wright’s decision to single out one user has been described by some as a “witch hunt” and an extremely vindictive response to what was only one user posting his opinion on Bitcoin Cash SV and its founder.

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