Leading FinTech Startup Launches Blockchain-Based Product To Reward Mass Adoption Of Crypto Investment

Key takeaways:

  • A leader in the global fintech and investment space, Hong Kong and U.S.-based Oddup has launched a new product to reward mass adoption of crypto investment.
  • The product – Alluva – gamifies crypto price analysis and predictions to make it easier for people to enter crypto investment. Absolutely free to use, Alluva aims at improving investor understanding of the crypto market and trends by rewarding accurate predictions.
  • Alluva will go live in mid-2019 and will begin listing on crypto exchanges this month.

March 2019, Hong Kong — Alluva, a blockchain-based product, is being launched to reward the crypto community for its inputs, analysis, and predictions.

The product is the brainchild of Oddup, a global leader in the fintech and startup investment space, and its development has been driven by Oddup Co-founder and CEO, James Giancotti.

How Does Alluva Work?

Alluva will be launched in Dapp and website versions.

To earn rewards, users need to sign up and create an account. They can then predict the price of any cryptocurrency for specific periods of one day to one year. Allowances are provided for some margin of error calculated on the basis of the prediction period.

Users that accurately predict the price of a cryptocurrency are allocated rewards. In this way, Alluva is providing new and existing crypto investors with a platform to share their inputs and predictions, and earn for the effort of analysis.

Alluva is ideal for investors making the move from traditional financial trading to cryptocurrency or those new to crypto analysis. It is free to use, does not penalize incorrect predictions, and provides incentives for the right analysis and prediction.

It enables a stronger understanding of the crypto market, which investors can utilize to earn rewards.

Simple, Free, and User-Friendly

Alluva has been designed to be simple and effective, making it an ideal tool for new users as well as those who want to take a quantitative outlook on highly detailed and qualitative analysis. In just a few clicks, users can create their account, login, and predict prices.

Being built on the blockchain, Alluva will remain transparent, allowing users to know exactly where rewards have been allocated. This adds to an increased understanding of the crypto market, turning new and existing users into better analysts of an otherwise highly unpredictable and volatile segment.

Upcoming Development

Rewarding individual crypto investors is the first step in the development of Alluva.

With the vision to enable mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain, Alluva will expand over the next few months to introduce new methods with which the data on cryptocurrency will be applied to aid institutional investment.

Relying on predictions and careful market monitoring algorithms, Alluva will leverage the vast knowledge and opinions shared by the community, and provide a comprehensive and sophisticated resource that will help short and long-term investors pinpoint high return investments.

Listing on Leading Exchanges Soon

Alluva will be listing on leading exchanges soon, with the aim to announce its first listing in the latter half of March 2019. Speaking on the plan, James Giancotti said:

Alluva’s listing is the first step in its planned roadmap. We are going to launch the DApp and enable website logins by mid-2019. The tokens that users purchase and earn will be redeemable against Oddup, and its many partners, including Bloomberg and Refinitiv amongst others. Now is the time for the crypto community to be rewarded for their efforts, and Alluva aims to do just that.

Additional Information

For more details on the Alluva’s listing plans and upcoming partnership announcements, click here. You can also follow the discussion on Alluva and speak to the team directly on the Alluva Community Telegram Group here. For more details, visit the Alluva website here.