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Invest In Blockchain is one of the fastest growing websites in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Founded in September 2017 by Daniel Bainbridge and Michael Henman, our core value is providing accurate and useful information for cryptocurrency investors, from beginners to experts. We believe that it is paramount for all investors to educate themselves before investing.

We are dedicated to producing informative, educational, and engaging content related to blockchain education and investment opinion. We provide up-to-date news and developments about popular crypto and blockchain projects, with an eye towards analysis and what it means for the average investor. Our site ranks in the top 60,000 worldwide on Alexa and regularly attracts over 200,000 users every month. We reach over 29,000 followers across our social media channels, with more than 9,000 subscribers on our email list.

Our international team of experienced writers, analysts, and growth hackers all come from various backgrounds. Our diverse mix of education and experience allows us to provide objective and informative analysis on all things crypto.



Daniel Bainbridge

Co-founder of Invest In Blockchain and founder of CoinAd.com. Daniel is obsessed with the blockchain space. Since 2014, he has given away over 1090 BTC (worth approximately $12 million) through the “Bitcoin Aliens” mobile games and bitcoin faucets. He is now investing in and working on several projects within the blockchain space.


Michael Henman

Co-founder of Invest In Blockchain. Michael is a content marketing and growth hacking specialist, who began his online career by building a company that buys, grows and sells websites. He started Invest In Blockchain to help satisfy his blockchain obsession. He currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. Read articles by Michael.




Management Team

Liza Shariffudin

Content Manager. Liza manages the quality and flow of content at Invest In Blockchain. She is 60% dragon, 30% wordnerd and 20% geek (wait, is that over 100%? Liza is also bad at math). When she’s not deep in the world of blockchain, you can find her in dance class, climbing a wall or seeking out the best dessert spots in town. Read articles by Liza.


Anna Snyder

Editor. Anna is a digital nomad, currently living in Ireland, who enjoys tea, books, and knitting. She is very excited about the potential blockchain and cryptocurrencies have to change the world and everything in it. Read articles by Anna.



Zoë Biel

Writer/Editor. Zoë is a full-time writer and editor in the blockchain world. With a background in anthropology, Zoë is especially fascinated by how this groundbreaking technology is affecting societies around the world. Zoë also writes about the cannabis industry and drug policy. She currently lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. Read articles by Zoë.


Jacob Bushmaker

Community Outreach Manager. Jacob is an engineer and cryptocurrency enthusiast. When he’s not spending his time scouring the internet for all things crypto, he’s probably out in the mountains climbing the steepest cliff he can find. He currently resides in the Blue Mountains NSW. Read articles by Jacob.



Jenny Zegenhagen

Executive Assistant. Jenny is a former project manager and writer with experience in design and production management. Her curiosity for blockchain and cryptocurrencies brought her to IIB to assist the management team.



Matias Dorta

Social Media Manager. Matias is a digital marketer focused on building brands within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.




Writing Team

Colin Adams

Colin is a writer, researcher, and content marketer fascinated with the ongoing blockchain revolution and the potential it represents. Originally from Seattle, Washington, he can most often be found doing yoga, wandering around in the woods or traveling. Read articles by Colin.



John Bardinelli

John is an author and technology enthusiast with a bit of an addiction to cold weather, mountains, and the nomad lifestyle. He’s keenly interested in the relationship between people and technology, especially when it comes to culturally significant developments like blockchains and sentient toasters. Read articles by John.


Nadja Bester

Nadja has extensive global corporate and agency experience in multimedia marketing and communications. She is the founder of blockchain communications agency Wordarium.io, and is a blockchain author and speaker currently working on a book about blockchain’s disruptive powers. Read articles by Nadja.



Elton Brauer

Elton is a digital marketer, entrepreneur and illiquid asset investor. With his extensive background in corporate research and consulting, Elton has become fascinated with critical analysis of blockchain technology. Read articles by Elton.



Owen Cook

Owen has a background in law, SEO, and legal marketing, and has been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2015. He is especially interested to see how blockchain will intersect with the law, and its effect on traditional legal assistance and services. Aside from crypto, Owen likes baseball, meat, and chess. Read articles by Owen.


Jonnie Emsley

Jonnie is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and full-time writer based in Ho Chi Minh City. When not writing or traveling around Asia, he’s most likely planning his next trip or expanding his knowledge of Vietnamese street food. Read articles by Jonnie.



Daniel Frumkin

Daniel began his career as a mechanical engineer but has now transitioned into working full-time in the cryptocurrency space. Besides writing for Invest In Blockchain, Daniel also works on several other educational projects including Coins2Learn, a cryptocurrency market simulator platform. Read articles by Daniel.


Abhimanyu Krishnan

Abhimanyu is an engineer on paper but a writer by living. To him, the most celebratory aspect of blockchain technology is its democratic nature. While he’s hodling, he can be found reading a good book or making the local dogs howl with the sound of his guitar playing. Read articles by Abhimanyu.



Brandon Quittem

Brandon is an entrepreneur, investor, and educator focused on cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology. His super power is taking complex information and turning it into simple, actionable, intelligence. Outside of Cryptoland, Brandon enjoys cooking, traveling, yoga, surfing, and all things fungi. Read articles by Brandon.


Toby Richardson

Toby is a full-time writer who leverages his passion for writing to make his way around the globe. With a diverse professional background, Toby’s skill set enables him to write on nearly any topic, though he prefers to write about crypto. Read articles by Toby.



Jorn van Zwanenburg

As a technology and innovation MBA graduate and a passionate libertarian, blockchain technology was the only logical next step for Jorn. Besides trying to know all there is to the blockchain revolution, he wants to explore the world, surf every wave it has to offer and write his brain empty. Read articles by Jorn.



Steven “Shcteve” White

Steven is a cryptocurrency writer, blogger, and traveler. Having gotten plenty of entrepreneurial experience at an early age, Steven has refocused his talents into writing content targeted at inspiring other people to pursue a better future for themselves. Read articles by Steven.