5 Crypto YouTubers To Watch

After all those white papers, graphs and news articles, watching a screen and letting other people explain things to you is a welcome change. However, it seems like every time Bitcoin’s value shoots up, 5 new YouTube channels pop up.

To help you find the best channels, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 top crypto YouTubers for all your news, tips and insights on our beloved digital money.



Carter Thomas, the host of the Coinmastery YouTube channel and podcast, takes on a rational and highly informed approach when it comes to trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.

He consistently knows how to asses the nuances of “major” developments in the crypto space and shows his viewers how to value these developments in the broader context. A unique skill of Thomas’s is his deep interest and understanding of investor and group psychology, which he tends to focus on the most on his channel.

On his Twitter account, Carter tweets daily about the general trading sentiment and sheds light on common investor malpractices and how strategy and clear thinking can prevent this. These two key features are also abundantly present in his YouTube videos, from which both beginner and seasoned investors can learn. With his channel and podcast, Carter walks his followers through macroeconomic developments, trading strategies and investment insights.

When it comes to trading itself, Carter Thomas takes on a mid- to long-term approach. His videos are most useful for traders and investors taking on the same perspective. When looking at the grander scheme of the crypto space, Carter seems to be the voice of reason on how to make money in the beloved chaos of cryptocurrencies.

All and all, Coinmastery is a professional channel to keep you up to date with the larger crypto market developments, investor sentiment and the big picture.



With over 120k subscribers, DataDash is currently the crypto channel with the most followers. And for good reason, as it is the most complete YouTube channel about cryptocurrencies.

The DataDash channel is run by Nicholas Merten, a young, sharp crypto and trade enthusiast. After opening with a slick finger snap, Nicholas will guide you through trading, coin reviews, news updates and history lessons.

DataDash has a series of videos devoted to trading tips, from beginner pattern recognition all the way to advanced technical analysis. Moreover, Nicholas does a lot of coin reviews in which he discusses all the directly available information of a cryptocurrency. Always remember to do your own additional research, even though the DataDash coin reviews are definitely a good start.

Recently, Merten made the announcement that his DataDash channel now has him working full time. This is quite exciting news, as the DataDash channel already produced an enormous amount of content even when he wasn’t working on it full time.

With his transition to full-time work on the channel, providing in-depth coin reviews and trading tips for all levels, Nicholas Merten and his Datadash channel will most likely continue to produce high quality and quantity content.


Crypto Daily

Who doesn’t love a story of a insurance sales employee turning into a full-time cryptocurrency YouTuber? I’ve been following Crypto Daily since day one, and it has always been great to see Cameron, the host of Crypto Daily, turning chaos, hype and FUD into sharp satire.

This crypto channel definitely is the most entertaining, and every now and then Cameron’s videos can literally have you rolling on the floor laughing with one of his on-point sketches or movie dubs. The Crypto Daily channel keeps things light and has chosen to take on a more entertaining approach to the crypto space.

Don’t let the entertainment distract you though. Besides his creative output and TV-show worthy charisma, the Crypto Daily channel offers a lot of insights on the bigger developments for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space. Cameron’s research is spot on; he rationalizes crypto-related news and helps his subscribers to not fall for hype. He sheds light on all the major crypto-related developments as well as on some more technical Bitcoin issues.

What really works for the Crypto Daily channel is his honest approach. He has called out other YouTubers who used their viewers to gain referral income, doesn’t accept payments for content and knows how to pinpoint hype and FOMO. While there are better channels for in-depth coin reviews and trading tips, Crypto Daily’s videos are an excellent way to start your day.



From his living room in Miami, Omar Bham discusses all that’s going on in the world of crypto on his YouTube channel Crypt0. He highlights interesting micro and macro developments in the crypto space and discusses them in detail. These discussions are highly educational, as Bham describes a topic in detail, to an extent which makes you understand how and why blockchain is appropriate for this.

The crypt0 channel discusses a large variety of crypto-related topics. Whether they are Reddit discussions, nations banning Bitcoin or a bug on the Ethereum blockchain, he’s on it. Bham displays a deep understanding of both the tech and the bigger picture of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

He’s capable of translating this so that people who aren’t in too deep into crypto also get the general idea of what’s going on. Bham is charismatic and provides a very welcome mix of hefty technical discussions and lighthearted, humoristic examples.

There is a lot of engagement with his subscribers in his regular Q&As, and he also responds to comments. This does tend to make the videos too long, but the subscriber interactions are usually placed at the end of each video. Nonetheless, Crypt0 is a very useful channel to keep up with the latest developments in the blockchain evolution.



With over 100k subscribers, Michael’s Boxmining channel has a far reach in the crypto community. It’s a very complete YouTube channel, as Michael discusses news updates, technological developments and coin reviews. The channel only refrains from trading tips and hints, which is probably for the better, as its host is very skilled at what he’s currently doing.

Michael has been networking within the crypto space, which has led to some interesting and unique content. He has done several co-hosted shows with other YouTubers, does interviews with developers and blockchain experts, and he also does a lot of field research. For example, just recently, Boxmining did a three-part series on the Waltonchain blockchain network.

Boxmining has an unique angle, as its host comes from Hong Kong. With China’s ban on cryptocurrencies and several other macro events coming from China, Michael, who can read Chinese, is familiar with its culture and can interpret China’s laws and regulations, provides a much-needed perspective.

Additionally, Boxmining has proven to be well-informed on not only blockchain technology but other technological developments too. This has blossomed into some interesting takes on particular cryptocurrencies and their potential. Michael easily translates high-tech into layman language. The Boxmining channel has grown into a valuable and highly informative tool for your crypto-related research.

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    Good list. I would add to it Crypto Lark and Vincent Briatore – wonderful in their different ways.

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    Interesting selection but the issue with this kind of list is that it always comes down to the personal taste or opinion of the author. I came accross a site that tries to rank crypto youtubers based on their “virtual profit”. The site is called notfinancialadvice.io – it seems interesting but still lots of information missing on their site, unfortunately.

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    That is true – STOs are the ICOs of the next generation. More secured. And by the way if you are the one who is planning to launch your own ICO/STO – i strongly recommend flexe.io/235 These guys were really good and DO understand how fund raising works.

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